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MWOLFE25 Posts: 47
10/14/12 10:02 P

A beach in Mexico sounds awesome!

I'll work on a picture.

10/14/12 8:55 P

Not a clue, but maybe some fancy flip flops since we're getting married on the beach in Mexico! emoticon

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10/13/12 9:12 P

Sounds really pretty, would love to see a picture!

MWOLFE25 Posts: 47
10/11/12 7:23 A

Our wedding is in November so I didn't want to wear flip flops in case my feet got cold. Also because I have done a lot of things myself, not to mention my dress is the perfect length. If I wear heels it would be too short. So I bought the cheap white flats from Payless and mixed some decoupage with orange glitter. I chose orange because it's the color of my bridesmaids' dresses. Just coat the shoes with layers and layers of the mixture and you come up with some really cool looking shoes. And I think they go with my personality too. You could do them with some white glitter too, or whatever color you want.

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10/10/12 11:46 P

What type of shoes are you planning to wear with your wedding dress? I am thinking of wearing some pretty flip flops but not 100% sure yet.

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