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7/1/11 11:40 P

Hmm, this is interesting as I don't really think about rewarding myself as I reach goals. But maybe it's a good idea. I mostly think about how happy I am when my clothes fit better or don't have to try on numerous outfits to find something that i feel comfortable in because of my body shape at the moment.

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7/1/11 5:34 P

First off, for those who don't have any money to treat themselves and want something fun there is a great website, where you can go and people are wanting to get rid of something but don't feel like selling it and you can just go pick it up. Everything from clothes to books to furniture. It is crazy and fun. Like a scavenger hunt. My friend got a ton of baby clothes. I have gotten some fun mystery novels and even my entertainment center in my living room.

As for myself, I just got to my 20 pound point this week so this morning I went out and got myself a new purse and a cute pair of $8 earrings at Target. Nothing to exciting but my purse was shot and I was worried about losing my new phone if I didn't get a new one. So, that was my latest reward. At 25 pounds I hope to get a new food processor. I have been wanting one for about 6 months but couldn't justify the expense. For 25 pounds I think I will have earned it.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
7/1/11 7:51 A

Im a huge bargain shopper, so when I post what rewards I use/used it's not because I had/have tons of money to spare because I don't. I can remember when I was overweight wanting so much to focus on making my appearance better, but I didn't because no matter what I felt unattractive.

Now that I have lost weight (and while I was losing weight) I would reward myself with make-up (name brands that I bought at The Dollar Tree or with sales/coupons at other stores), jewelry (costume and usually the marked down stuff along with coupons), shoes (again coupons/sales), and clothes.

For a while I could "shop" in my closet for clothes, but now even my "skinny" clothes from years ago are too big so I was forced to find a brand new wardrobe over time including shirts, pants, skirts, etc. because I had much of nothing left that flattered me.

All those items were bought on clearance or on sale and with coupons (sound like a broken record by now? LOL).

I like nice, quality items, but I always shopped for good deals and signed up for coupons and reward programs to make it more economical for my budget.

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6/30/11 10:09 P

Digging clothes out of the back of my closet that I havent worn in a while is reward enough for me some time. Compliments from my co-workers is worth double the emotions it took for them to say something to me. The way I look at myself in the mirror is worth a million dollars. The doctor saying "I think you will be fine without that Blood pressure medication" is quite a reward. Enjoy!

JESSIHOVER1 Posts: 602
6/30/11 7:24 P

I haven't started using actual rewards but as I've gotten smaller I have went and bought new clothes. If none of your old stuff fits you about have to buy more, right??

But you could always give yourself rewards that don't cost too much money. Like doing your own mani/pedi's just buying an awesome new color to use. Or buying some really nice bubble bath and candles and having an nice relaxing bubble bath.

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6/30/11 5:30 P

I'm having a HUGE problem with rewards...I know what I want, but due to recent circumstances, I can't afford ANYTHING extra! I little discouraging!!

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6/30/11 4:21 P

For small achievements, for example keeping within my calorie limits all week, when I do my weekly shop I will spend a little extra and get either a luxury shampoo, bubble bath or even costume jewellery or a new nail varnish. For bigger things like when I hit 10lb loss the other day I treated myself to some new clothes. Next time it will be shoes emoticon

I think it helps if it something you will use all the time because everytime you use it, its a reminder that you are doing a great job...and an incentive to keep going!

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6/30/11 3:49 P

Make a list of things you love to do that does not involve food. Like, curling up with a good book, listening to music, yoga, meditation, shopping (window shopping even, to save money or to see what you could buy to reward yourself with later), spending time with kids, walking in a pretty park, calling and talking to an old friend, a hot bubblebath by candlelight, a massage from your S.O., stuff like that.

Pick a few that you just never seem to have time for or that you don't do regularly and use those as rewards for your bigger goals.....then MAKE TIME to actually use those rewards.

Blessings, Michelle

CHRYSTALM0214 Posts: 499
6/30/11 1:54 P

Here are some of the things I use:
- clothes
- jewelry (not expensive stuff... costume jewelry)
- shoes
- books/ magazines
- mani/pedi's
- classes (photography, dance classes, etc)
- scrapbooking and cricut stuff

i try not to let myself spend money on any of these things unless i absolutely have to - obviousy we all need new underwear once in a while :) Then when i reach a goal I can buy them.

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6/30/11 1:40 P

So one of the things that Spark People tells you to do is to figure out some rewards for yourself to help you achieve you goals. That is where I am struggling. For years I have used food as a reward. You can eat the cupcake when you finish you paper, or when you clean off your desk you can have that lollipop.

I know that this is behavior that I need to stop, using junk food as a reward for accomplishments. I shouldn't use food as a controller for actions. So this is where I need some help, what rewards do you use to achieve you successes? I would like to know some small things that could be used after having a good week, or when I loose those first ten pounds, or even bigger accomplishments.

Any Ideas?

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