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WAY2WIN Posts: 612
3/10/10 12:27 P

my knees give me the blues!

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HARLEYROB Posts: 896
3/10/10 6:36 A

My hemioplasty.....

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NEWKID54 Posts: 620
3/10/10 1:20 A

My big bad knees emoticon

CAMSMOM918 Posts: 630
3/9/10 11:30 P

my knees (both - from a fall)

BASILIC SparkPoints: (22,582)
Fitness Minutes: (33,311)
Posts: 749
3/9/10 11:27 P

I feel your pain. My lower back typically aches most of the time, but it's been especially aggravated for the last couple of days.

MAMATERRI58 Posts: 69
3/9/10 8:13 P

My lower back.

SANDYZEE Posts: 364
3/9/10 8:12 P back and legs. (seems to be connected) emoticon

CHIEF2011 Posts: 419
3/9/10 8:08 P

My back emoticon

ALIGIRL115 Posts: 26
3/9/10 7:57 P

My right knee - arthritis - ouch! I try to work through the pain when I'm working out.

GANNY2 Posts: 114
3/9/10 6:06 P

the back of my legs&thighs

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3/9/10 5:49 P

Feet or knees - not usually at the same time, though emoticon

NEWKID54 Posts: 620
3/9/10 2:32 P



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LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
3/9/10 2:17 P

Feet. Ugly shoes and orthotics keep it in control.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains.
It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. - Confucius
3/9/10 12:23 P

right hip

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— Kathy Freston
BUFFALOKAY Posts: 4,427
3/9/10 11:36 A

Right hip for me too - when I stand

EGKMICH Posts: 39
3/9/10 11:34 A

my right hip-ouch! emoticon

ANNE2002 Posts: 2,851
3/9/10 9:53 A

calves-both legs!!!

SUNSHINEGB SparkPoints: (225,001)
Fitness Minutes: (22,535)
Posts: 40,744
3/9/10 9:48 A

Face and jaw - I have TMJ right now, painful!

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Ontario, Canada
SOLUCKY12 Posts: 2,776
3/8/10 10:10 P

My neck and shoulders hurt the most when I spend too much time online reading and looking at the computer screen. At least I don't eat while I'm behind this computer!

Ann in Omaha, NE CST
SHARIJERRY Posts: 1,127
3/8/10 9:37 P

My legs - I did a major hike yesterday - aaahhhh

DOOBIE893 SparkPoints: (55,683)
Fitness Minutes: (11,999)
Posts: 6,319
3/8/10 3:47 P

Today my head and eys.

BASILIC SparkPoints: (22,582)
Fitness Minutes: (33,311)
Posts: 749
3/8/10 3:46 P

Usually my lower back hurts the most but today it's a tie between my back and my head.

FULLOFLIFE4 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,016)
Posts: 602
3/8/10 12:27 P

left knee

EGKMICH Posts: 39
3/8/10 12:19 P

Shoulders-after exercise

INDEJAM09 Posts: 2,853
3/7/10 8:22 P


EGKMICH Posts: 39
3/7/10 7:26 P

My upper back

FRANKIEMARK929 Posts: 65
3/7/10 10:40 A

my right knee is a mess and hurts worse after exercising

SATURN2002 SparkPoints: (39,198)
Fitness Minutes: (9,643)
Posts: 2,778
3/7/10 10:17 A


"The clock is ticking" Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

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LANUKA10 Posts: 7
3/6/10 11:58 P

Feet and back seem to bother me the most but they do take turns. I just thank God to be alive and to be able to feel......even if it is pain at times. Straight ahead, ALL! Keep moving.

GOALHUNTER SparkPoints: (80,174)
Fitness Minutes: (121,709)
Posts: 4,784
3/6/10 11:31 P

Just wish my feet felt as good as the rest of me!!


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NEWKID54 Posts: 620
3/6/10 9:14 P

Left thigh and knee

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MSRDRAKE Posts: 174
3/6/10 7:01 P

right knee

EGKMICH Posts: 39
3/6/10 1:58 P

Today I feel a little bit of soreness in my upper arms and legs. I extended my workout to a 2 mile session of walk aerobics emoticon

SUNNIEDAES Posts: 1,178
3/6/10 9:39 A

Knees, feet, legs, shoulder, wrist, back...hahahaha Oh my goodness, I'm falling apart. :)


~When God gives you the desire, He gives you the ability.~
JANNIEWANNIE SparkPoints: (23,815)
Fitness Minutes: (870)
Posts: 1,051
3/6/10 9:38 A

My left wrist. It feels like it is growing an arthritis bump. It has been very sore and achy lately. Last week it was my right shoulder. Arthur likes to travel around in my body. Hugs from Janet

Hugs from J and thank you for your support.
DRMOMB Posts: 139
3/5/10 7:34 P

Lower back and hIps. I also had one total knee replacement.

3/5/10 7:22 P

My feet - I am a teacher also

3/5/10 6:26 P



When it's time to die, let us not discover that we have never lived . . .
Henry David Thoreau
3/5/10 5:50 P

My feet!

ARTIELLE Posts: 488
3/5/10 5:48 P

Hips, been taking the steps up 5 flights of stairs to get to the gym. Had a scare on the elevator and have not gotten over it yet.

ETWOLIE Posts: 891
3/5/10 4:54 P

Always the ankle I injured running over a decade ago.

KPITTMAN51 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (345)
Posts: 39
3/5/10 3:04 P

REBCCA: Like the attitude in your post. Like your quote. Like your chair. : )

Edited by: KPITTMAN51 at: 3/5/2010 (15:04)
REBCCA SparkPoints: (316,091)
Fitness Minutes: (175,033)
Posts: 21,524
3/5/10 2:23 P

Happily I don't hurt anywhere.

"'Enough' is a feast. Buddhist proverb
OZARKMARY Posts: 7,406
3/5/10 1:41 P

neck and shoulders, but it's been worse emoticon

Mary, So Central MO Ozarks
BSKTCON Posts: 986
3/5/10 1:35 P

Knees. Defintely.

GALAXYSTAR1 Posts: 1,326
3/5/10 1:13 P

My legs, pulled muscles in both legs, my own fault didnt' have time, or didnt' think I had time to stretch before working out. So I paid the price.

EGKMICH Posts: 39
3/5/10 12:56 P

Right now it's the back of my neck-maybe I slept in a bad position. emoticon

KPITTMAN51 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (345)
Posts: 39
3/5/10 11:49 A

Routinely? Knees, especially with the lateral movements required by my favorite aerobic workout! :(

BIGDAVEJ Posts: 819
3/5/10 11:28 A

Shoulders, think it may be arthritis, but have to keep working through the pain.

DELRIO1 Posts: 5,721
3/5/10 8:51 A

My lower back for me.

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