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What nutrient(s) do you have a hard time with?

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Posts: 6,639
11/16/12 10:01 A

Getting enough iron.

SparkPoints: (85,374)
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Posts: 2,247
11/16/12 7:18 A

potassium can't seem to get enough
sodium always get too much

Posts: 1,003
11/16/12 7:07 A

Iron. Supposed to take supplements daily but don't

SparkPoints: (73,403)
Fitness Minutes: (5,221)
Posts: 9,477
11/15/12 11:27 A

Protein and iron. Supplementing to compensate.

Posts: 1,229
11/14/12 5:21 P

Omega 3. It revs up my system till I can't sleep, even if I take it in the early morn. I've tried all kinds.

Posts: 2,585
11/14/12 11:06 A

potassium. i'm never even close!

Posts: 399
11/14/12 10:16 A

Iron, I do not get near enough.

SparkPoints: (17,427)
Fitness Minutes: (3,777)
Posts: 600
11/14/12 10:13 A

protein and sometimes fiber

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Posts: 182
11/14/12 9:25 A

Iron, potassium, calcium and sodium. I need a lot of iron because I am "borderline" anemic. Potassium is either hit or miss. Calcium I am still adjusting to not having dairy. Turns out my whole life I have had dairy issues and at 31 am just now figuring it out. Sodium...I rarely salt anything, I use as much fresh produce as possible and I am cutting out the fast food. I also am cutting out pop and most snack type foods. It's a slow process retraining the last 31 years worth of habits.

SparkPoints: (210,712)
Fitness Minutes: (87,276)
Posts: 11,540
11/14/12 8:25 A

I have a hard time getting enough fiber in my diet but yesterday I got 32 woohoo!

SparkPoints: (8,453)
Fitness Minutes: (1,353)
Posts: 1,555
11/14/12 1:27 A

Sodium is dedinitely my biggest nutritional obstacle, and number 2 is sugar (both are in too high levels, not as in getting too little)

It seems so many low fat soups, low fat frozen meals, low fat dressings... ect have so much salt and then there's the danger of buying things in "Fat Free" versions and all the added sugar)

I have been doing better with the sugar, but I still struggle with salt. I try to drink 10 glasses a day to combat it, and fortunately I don't have highblood pressure, but I may have less water weight if I could get that more under control.

Posts: 217
11/14/12 1:23 A


SparkPoints: (35,481)
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Posts: 2,259
11/14/12 1:22 A


SparkPoints: (85,374)
Fitness Minutes: (44,230)
Posts: 2,247
11/13/12 9:59 P

potassium and sodium

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Fitness Minutes: (297,757)
Posts: 63,827
11/13/12 9:58 P


SparkPoints: (73,345)
Fitness Minutes: (58,823)
Posts: 2,488
11/13/12 7:52 P

I take a multivitamin so I'm always in my rec. range BUT I am always really high on my vitamin A and Spark is always warning me about all the nasty things that will happen to me if my vitamin A is too high. Even before I started taking the vitamin it was high. Which is strange because most of the foods I eat are not high in vitamin A other than sweet potatoes and I only eat half of one. There's a few other foods I have on occasion but not often: collards, spinach, carrots and peas.

Sodium I'm usually pretty good with because I try to eat clean. Last week I had a bad week for my sodium intake, a lot of cheeses and a low sodium (but still high!) soy sauce marinate for salmon. So I ended up going over my rec. the entire week.

SparkPoints: (15,605)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
11/13/12 6:31 P

I struggle w/ sodium too. I know it's from using packaged foods, but unless I find more time in the day to make my own stuff from scratch all the time (like pasta sauce, roasting my own meats for lunch meat, make my own cheese etc), there's not an easy way around it. Some days I do well with it though.

I'm usually pretty good on fiber and calcium. I don't track anything else.

SparkPoints: (75,430)
Fitness Minutes: (72,472)
Posts: 2,761
11/13/12 5:58 P

Iron is the big one for me. I am taking a multi vitamin with iron for the next year, while I try to improve the iron I get through my nutrition.

Posts: 1,138
11/13/12 4:41 P

I am chronically low in Vitamin D. I spent the summer on a super-high dose regimen, as prescribed by my doctor and also spent a great deal of time outdoors. Despite this, my levels only went from a 12 to 21, wherease the minimum recommended level ranges from 30 to 120.

I also used to get very frequent migraines and have found that taking magnesium citrate pills daily has significantly cut down on the number of headaches I experience. It also seems to help my muscles recover after working out.

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Posts: 963
11/13/12 3:57 P

I am always under on my protein. I bought some protein powder to supplement my diet, but since it adds up to 200 calories per dose, I am reluctant to add it to my daily calorie totals.

Posts: 8,023
11/13/12 3:48 P

Have you considered taking fish oil caplets? That may be your best bet. Also vitamin supplements. The key is to take them after dinner, when you are full, and with lots of water. Vitamins also make me sick, with vomiting and all that, if I take them on an empty stomach.
Flax is also a great source of omega-3. Nuts are great if you are not allergic, too. Flax is good if you mix it into oatmeal.

Posts: 8,023
11/13/12 3:46 P

UGH! Two of my favorite things. I love cottage cheese and tuna. I actually prefer dry beans that I can season myself, and they are more flavorful, IMO. Mrs. Dash and even McCormick now have some salt-free seasoning blends that are really, really yummy. I have to get those next time I do big grocery shopping.
If you have to have to do canned, rinse the heck out of them first. :)

Posts: 34
11/13/12 3:44 P

When I was tracking them, the only things I seemed to have a seriously difficult time getting were iron and potassium. With potassium, it doesn't help that I don't like the taste of it (I think it's the same flavor shared across banana's and certain types of enriched breads and cereals). Both iron and potassium heavy foods also made me nauseated/upset my stomach, so I'm undoubtedly still not getting 'enough' of either.

I also have a lot of trouble eating fish (omega-3's) - after a small bite or two, the equivalent of a third of an ounce, I feel full. When I try to finish the whole portion (usually two ounces) I get sick. The only fish I've had so far that this wasn't the case with are canned tuna and beer-battered cod - both of which are kind enough to wait for the two ounce mark to give me trouble.

SparkPoints: (30,125)
Fitness Minutes: (17,210)
Posts: 347
11/13/12 3:34 P

I know, I know. The same for me. I though would tackle calcium first. Sodium I keep down by eating almost no canned goods or premade foods. Its hard though because so many things that are handy to have on hand are high in sodium, like canned beans (magnesium), canned tomatoes, canned beans, prepared stock, seasoning packets and the like. I have started to make my own spice mixes, stocks and so forth and it really has brought the sodium amount down. Cottage cheese and tuna are really bad for sodium I think

Posts: 8,023
11/13/12 3:27 P

This was inspired by a sparker asking about calcium.

I have such a hard time getting enough potassium and magnesium, and am always, no matter how much I try to be careful, am WAY over sodium. It's infuriating!

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