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TICKETTONINEVAH SparkPoints: (830)
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12/22/13 10:02 P

What motivated me? Hmmm.... The fact that this is "my spiritual act of worship" as Romans says. "Offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. This is your spiritual act of worship." Romans 12:1. Everything can be an opportunity to praise the One who created me. Am I honoring God each day with all of my choices? This question motivates me.

KELLIEBEAN Posts: 6,562
12/22/13 9:18 P

I dropped a pound this morning. Christmas is coming, there will be little opportunity to eat healthy and work out the next three days so I ate very mindfully today and got a LOT of activity in!

CAPTATHLETICA SparkPoints: (3,771)
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12/19/13 9:24 P

I felt bad for taking a rest day, but I just felt sick and worn down. When I dressed to go to work though I noticed I had to go down another notch on my belt because my pants were sliding down lol so that made me happy and motivated me to keep on pushing. When I started the belt wouldn't even fit me, and now I'm down to the last notch before I have to buy a brand new belt size. What motivated you today?

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