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9/22/12 10:02 A

I wish you every success! Hang in there and keep going!

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9/22/12 9:32 A

Thanks, Steve! I bought a scale yesterday. I have lost my first two pounds, and my hubby has lost his first three!! I promise not to get discouraged if the scale doesn't move. I am going to KEEP ON doing what I've been doing. It's tough because I have bursitis in my hips so when I walk or exercise, they REALLY hurt. But I'm hoping glucosomine condroitin (sp???) will fix that!

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9/16/12 1:55 P

Everything you said is ultra positive. In addition to the mutual support you get to celebrate successes together. That could help with the one problem.


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9/16/12 1:51 P


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9/16/12 1:50 P

I went to the doctor, and they made me step on the scale.....which I had not done in the 4 years since my hysterectomy (I'm now 47). I had gained 42 pounds since my husband and I met in 2003. It was then I realized that in the past 4 years, is when the intimacy problems started in my marriage. And that my weight gain could be part of the problem, along with the fact that I have zero hormones. So, I asked the doctor to put me on hormones, and I started dieting, and walking. I have a very sedentary job, and I am hypoglycemic, so if I don't start somewhere, the weight will continue to pile on. And my husband is on this journey with me! So, if we can get ourselves back to being healthy, I think it will do wonders for our marriage and our own self-esteem.

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