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3/9/10 5:41 P

Thank you for the link, and the other posts..

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3/9/10 10:18 A

I have noticed that my fingers swell much more when I'm running on days when I have had a lot of sodium. My hands used to swell at the time and I think it's because I was consistently eating way too much salt. Now that I track it on sparkpeople, I typically have a low sodium diet and my hands don't swell. On the days I eat more sodium that normal though, I now notice that my hands and feet swell more.

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3/9/10 8:19 A

Interesting. I never worried about it because they always go back to normal eventually.

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3/9/10 5:56 A

Thanks for posting this question! I have always (since a child) had this problem when I've been considerably active. And my fingers too are thinner in winter than in summer. I liked the link to Coach Dean's article about it from SP_COACH_NANCY. Please scroll down to the link and read it. He has some very good tips on things we can do to alleviate this during exercise. Thanks again for posting this question!

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3/8/10 10:35 P

I looked it up on the Web, it is a common problem, the doctors have several theories, nothing of danger.

I dont have hypertension, it does disapate in about an hour.

Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live..."John Rohm"
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3/8/10 10:33 A

If I'm warm my hands are definitely more swelled. In the winter my rings are very loose, but in the summer they are just right.

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3/8/10 10:27 A

Mine swell, but go away. I find if I am hydrated, it is not soo bad.

3/8/10 7:12 A

I get that if i've been exercising and overheated - but it doesn't last hours.

3/8/10 1:12 A

history of hypertension?

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3/7/10 11:18 P


Below is a link to Coach Dean's response to this question. I hope this helps!


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3/7/10 11:11 P

Ask your doctor- this can be many things from person to person.. If your worried about anything ask for a health check- this should be done always before starting any form of exercise..
I know what I am up against with my back and why I have a flat foot- I exercise basically without pain because I am taking consideration to known problems..
We can suggest stuff but if wrong it is you that gets hurt.. Ask the doctor why this happens to "YOU".

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3/7/10 11:04 P

After a hard workout or during, my fingers and hands swell up for a few hours, what is that?

Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live..."John Rohm"
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