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3/24/12 10:52 A

Signing up for a race is definitely a motivator for me! But also what I am currently involved in is training to run a half-marathon. It's a 12 week program, and I have little rewards built in for myself throughout the training so it keeps me going :) It's also interspersed with non-impact cardio (biking, elliptical, swimming) 2x/week so it shakes up my routine that I don't get burnt out on running.

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3/24/12 8:18 A

I agree that variety is key! I have been an on-again, off-again runner for the last six years...sometimes going out every day, sometimes taking six months off. I've found that things like vinyasa yoga and strength training actually have helped me keep my running base through that time! You don't HAVE to be a runner - you can also be a walker, stair climber, cyclist, yogi, or weight lifter, as long as you're moving on a regular basis. Sometimes on days when I don't feel like running it is easier to talk myself into a yoga podcast or a walk, which still counts!

That said, signing up for races helps keep me motivated, too :)

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3/24/12 6:52 A


Signing up for a race like a 5 or 10K would be a good way to stay motivated. There will be tons of different charity races in spring and summer you could try.

Of course, maybe you just don't like running. You don't have to run to be fit. There are many different activities you could do to instead. How about bike riding ? martial arts ? tennis ? hiking ? dance lessons ?

Exercise should be fun because when we enjoy doing something, we look forward to doing that something each and every day. If you don't find running any fun, then you may find yourself stopping after a few weeks.

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3/23/12 11:13 P

Boredom? Try biking. Try swimming. Play ultimate frisbee or frisbee golf.

Variety seems to be the key according to so many articles on SP.


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3/23/12 7:34 P

Targets have always worked for me. First it was can I do three miles in X? Once I could do that, could I do 4? Could I do 4 in Y? That was the first 10 years and then I got into doing races and now those are my targets. Works for me

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3/23/12 6:57 P

are you signed up for any races? what are your specific goals?

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3/23/12 6:36 P

I've been back at my running since January, but got very consistent in March. Every year it seems harder and harder to do what I did the year before. I am probably compounding this by always falling off the running wagon, after getting into a good long consistent period, and then I usually take a long time, and many pounds of excess weight before I get back on.

Any advice about preventing those long lay-offs, I've been doing that for years now, and it seems so pointless. Usually It starts with a vacation or a bad cold, or a busy stretch at work, and then I just don't get back, and get really out of shape, and then I start all over again.

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