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What kind of yogurt is healthy?

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Posts: 195
2/14/13 11:51 A

I like Yoplait Greek light, and regular Yoplait light.

Posts: 216
2/14/13 11:08 A

I'm a Fage 0% gal, too. And yes, you SHOULD be stirring in the liquid in Greek yogurt.

Posts: 78
2/14/13 11:04 A

LGIALOURIS, where did you learn not to stir Greek yogurt? That liquid you're referring to is actually the whey (EXTREMELY beneficial) and you do want to stir that back into the yogurt.

SparkPoints: (9,026)
Fitness Minutes: (1,713)
Posts: 727
2/13/13 7:03 P

I, too, like Greek, and my favorite is Yoplait Greek honey vanilla.

SparkPoints: (106)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 11
2/13/13 6:44 P

I rely on FAGE. I like the 0% with Honey and I toss in fresh blueberries (cures my sweet tooth), the new one mango & guanabana is AMAZING!!

Super healthy, cures my sweet tooth, and honestly, its a snack that holds me over and keeps the hunger away :)

Posts: 77
2/13/13 6:15 P

Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt (also comes in 2%) is my favorite by far! True Greek yogurt is tart, thick, and tastes almost like sour cream. (You don't STIR Greek yogurt, just scoop out what you want - replace the paper on top to collect the condensation and empty water before scooping). I love to eat yogurt with homemade granola, honey, or fruits. Greek yogurts have the benefit of added protein and other vitamins (over regular yogurt). You can use it in place of sour cream, in protein shakes, and use in baking.

Posts: 968
2/12/13 11:31 A

Fage plain Greek yogurt is my favorite. I use it in place of sour cream to make a veggie dip and also I eat it with fresh fruit in it when I want something sweet. It is a good rule of thumb to read labels as others mentioned.

Posts: 1,829
2/12/13 11:18 A

I like Dannon light and fit Greek - 80 cal 12 protein....very good

SparkPoints: (73,318)
Fitness Minutes: (34,635)
Posts: 5,088
2/12/13 11:12 A

Plain greek yogurt! No added sugar and lots of protein.

SparkPoints: (15,640)
Fitness Minutes: (28,516)
Posts: 100
2/12/13 10:58 A

Go with anything plain. All the flavored stuff is garbage. I prefer Greek because it has more protein per serving. You can add berries and Stevia to make it more palatable and keep the sugar content down.

SparkPoints: (113,679)
Fitness Minutes: (35,434)
Posts: 6,525
2/12/13 10:39 A

I like Greek yogurt. More protein and less sugar.

Posts: 79
2/12/13 10:26 A

You're going to have to read the labels to get to the bottom of it. If a yogurt's ingredient list includes fructose, sucrose, glucose, or any of the sugars included in this list:
, it's got added sugars.

All yogurts have some probiotics in them, as well, some just have more. Again - the nutrition info label on the container is your friend! I'd say, for the most part, stick with a plain yogurt to avoid the sugars, and then add your own ingredients to it: nuts, berries, seeds, etc.

SparkPoints: (17,330)
Fitness Minutes: (6,835)
Posts: 610
2/12/13 10:04 A

What kind of yogurt is healthy? There are so many different kinds of yogurt and I am trying to stay away from the sugars they add into them. I am looking for one that has a lot of probiotics!

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