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6/22/14 7:39 P

I just want to say please don't wear running or walking shoes for aerobics or studio type classes like Zumba. They are specifically built for the forward movement of running and walking. Aerobices classes often include forward motion but also a lot of side-to-side action. Honestly, you could get hurt wearing them in such a class.

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6/21/14 9:51 P

It may help to go to a fitness store to have a proper fitting. Also, there was an article on how to find the best work out shoe. I hope the link below works.

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6/21/14 3:52 P

Those shoes just don't fit. A decent shoe with a proper fit will always be better than an excellent shoe with an improper fit. Shoes are made on a form called a last. There are thousands of lasts in each size. Go to a store that has professionals who will measure your foot and take the shape into consideration. Things like a high instep, narrow or wide feet, toe length, flat feet, etc. will make some shoes a better fit than others. And do not get stuck on a size. I have shoes in 9.5B, 9C, 9D. I have also had a pair of shoes made for me and the shoes are different sizes. After a scan of my foot, the shoe maker made me one shoe in 9.5B and the other shoe in 9C. Those are my best fitting pair of shoes.

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6/21/14 2:22 P

Because everyone's feet are different, so are the shoes they wear. That's why there are so many different brand of shoe out there from NIKE to New Balance, Asics, Brooks, Reebok, Saucony, etc.

What do you want to do with the shoes ? Are you just using them for aerobics classes or are you running ? Any shoe you wear for running should be just for running and nothing else. Don't wear them for walking or crosstraining. Not while you are running.

Now, once the shoes start to wear down, then you consider using them for aerobics or walking. When my running shoes start wearing out, they become my walking shoe.

Can you wear running shoes for aerobics ? You can, but cross trainers would be better. If the shoes you're wearing don't fit right, then consider going to a reputable running or sports store to be fitted for a proper pair of shoe. If the NIKEs you're wearing slide when you wear them regardless of what type of sock you're wearing, then the shoes are the wrong size.

When fitting for running shoes, they should be about a half a size larger than your normal shoes. So, if you wear a size 8 dress shoe, you should try 8.5 running. A reputable running store or sports store will have you try on a bunch of different brands to see which fits your foot best.

And there really are a variety of different brands like Brooks, Reebok, New Balance, Asics, etc. One size does not fit all especially when it comes to workout shoes.

Also, if your doctor recommend insoles, that's going to effect what kind of shoe you wear too. You do not want to put insoles into stability shoes. That's going to cause problems for your feet. If you need to use insoles, you need to tell that to the people at the store who are fitting your feet. That's a critical piece of information.

If the shoes your wearing are still in good shape, consider donating them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. don't toss them if they are still good, but if they hurt your feet, they are the wrong shoe. Try a different style of Nike or different brand.

SREYNOLDS43 Posts: 30
6/21/14 1:17 P

I currently have Nike's that are meant for running. They were pretty pricey and I eve bought the sport insoles that the store clerk suggested but they still hurt my feet.
The fit is okay but no matter what socks I wear my feet slide forward and my toes end up pressed against the ends of my shoes. Should I buy a new pair or just get some different insoles?

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