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I have the old fashion kind that you adjust the scale down to zero with a knob in front of it. I need to get a new one when I can afford it. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week.

1/18/12 9:41 A

BTW, I am asking for brand and model recommendations, not digital vs. mechanical.

1/18/12 9:40 A

Well, I did some research and I think what might be causing it to be off is the cold temperatures in our bathroom where it is stored. We are going to test it with dumbbells then move it upstairs where it's warmer and let it sit a day or two and test it again.

If it is inaccurate, I want to know by how many lbs so I can mentally adjust my weight. I know it may just be a number but I have a goal weight in mind and I want to confidently know how close or far I am from that.

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I just use a regular old digital scale that I bought for around $30 at a local drug store; it's not a brand I was previously familiar with or even something that I can think of off the top of my head. It's always been very accurate in comparison to other scales at the doctor's office and gym.

If you're using the scale for a weight loss challenge, it won't really matter if it measures inaccurately as long as that inaccuracy is consistent. Say it shows your weight goes from 150 down to 140, but you actually go from 145 down to 135. Sure, it's not a very good measure of what you actually weigh, but it still shows how much you've dropped.

Scales that measure body fat are pretty much never all that accurate, anyway. You have to have calipers or a volume displacement test to get a good idea on that. A lot of gyms will test this for you.

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1/18/12 9:11 A

I found out recently my bathroom scale is not measuring accurately. My husband used it without any clothes on and then went to work where they have scales calibrated weekly for shipping and weighed with clothes on, and he was lighter at work WITH his clothes on than at home without. So I don't know how much exactly but we know it's off.

I joined a weight loss challenge on Spark recently and it starts on the 23rd. Before then I need to get a scale that is accurate, preferably measures body fat, and is under $30. Anybody know of a scale like that?? What kind do you use?

PS right now the one I have is made by Weight Watchers, it's glass and supposed to measure BF, BMI, and hydration plus weight.

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