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What keeps you motivated?

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Posts: 84
1/14/12 7:37 P

Thanks for some wonderful ideas! You guys are amazing!

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Posts: 49
1/14/12 2:33 P

I have pictures of myself last summer, whenever I feel like eating a chocolate bar or not going to the gym I just have to look at those pictures and that is enough to keep me on track.

Posts: 50
1/14/12 1:32 P

Blogging keeps me motivated. I always feel better when I can express my feelings each day. I also have a pair of shorts that I bought a month ago. I never ever ever wear shorts, but I want to eventually, so that is my goal outfit!

Posts: 19,384
1/14/12 1:25 P

The fact that I still have weight to lose is my motivation.
Anybody who stands to benefit, or has an as yet unachieved goal, has motivation.

SparkPoints: (112)
Fitness Minutes: (420)
Posts: 1
1/14/12 2:20 A

I also have my motivational outfit hanging in fullview to keep reminding myself what i'm working towards. There are copies of my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals on a dry erase board so i can change them as i need to in my kitchen

Posts: 2,436
1/13/12 10:22 P

the way i feel after a run. the way my clothes feel and fit.

SparkPoints: (256,522)
Fitness Minutes: (149,445)
Posts: 20,179
1/13/12 8:47 P

I love the energy and stamina and the wellness, it brings an optimistic perspective AND when I reached my goal I bought a wonderful wardrobe. I stay motivated often sothat I will continue to fit into my clothes. emoticon

Posts: 40
1/13/12 8:01 P

Shopping motivates me, so I use that often emoticon I

SparkPoints: (2,894)
Fitness Minutes: (1,000)
Posts: 219
1/13/12 12:24 P

I've got my "goal jeans" hanging on the outside of my closet door so I see them every day. I also write down inspirational quotes in a notebook, and when I'm having a rough day I'll write one on a post it note and keep it on the dashboard in my car.

Posts: 84
1/13/12 11:44 A

I have started posting pictures around the house/workout area that are goals of mine... currently I have a picture of King Leonidas from "300" as my backdrop on my computer. What do you do to help keep you motivated? Looking for new ideas (kind of like muscle confusion to be effective in strength training, I figure "motivational"-confusion every once in awhile may help).

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