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What keeps you motivated?

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SparkPoints: (103,107)
Fitness Minutes: (80,585)
Posts: 10,753
12/6/12 12:48 P

Not that I'm as motivated as I'd like but the food part is the results that I've seen over the seven months I've been sparking. Once my knee is better I'll ramp up the cardio. emoticon emoticon

Posts: 847
12/6/12 12:22 P

health and self-respect.

SparkPoints: (85,379)
Fitness Minutes: (44,259)
Posts: 2,247
12/6/12 6:49 A

feeling more energetic after exercising

Posts: 701
12/6/12 4:39 A

the fact that I can go window shopping now in any store I see and they have my size.

SparkPoints: (99,986)
Fitness Minutes: (66,352)
Posts: 17,901
12/6/12 4:11 A

the tape and the scales

Posts: 2,898
12/6/12 1:48 A


SparkPoints: (35,481)
Fitness Minutes: (30,864)
Posts: 2,259
12/6/12 1:28 A


Posts: 5,854
12/5/12 11:29 P

my son, i want to look nice for his confirmation in April

SparkPoints: (66,882)
Fitness Minutes: (21,811)
Posts: 3,660
12/5/12 11:16 P

The Nutrition Tracker keeps me motivated emoticon

SparkPoints: (47,478)
Fitness Minutes: (27,816)
Posts: 6,689
12/5/12 9:44 P

always having a big goal to shoot for. the payoff is bigger than the sacrifice to get there. I get up thinking about it and go to bed doing the same... keeps me moving!

SparkPoints: (59,949)
Fitness Minutes: (15,791)
Posts: 4,576
12/5/12 9:22 P

All my size 6 clothes hanging out in my closet just waiting for me. I'm almost there!

Posts: 703
12/5/12 7:47 P

I know it sounds depressing and negative, but my own self loathing is what keeps me going. Hated where I was, hating where I am, but hoping for someday. Because I know that wherever I'm going has got to be better than here.

SparkPoints: (74,641)
Fitness Minutes: (52,475)
Posts: 3,497
12/5/12 5:14 P

My health.

SparkPoints: (5,744)
Fitness Minutes: (5,444)
Posts: 208
12/5/12 4:58 P

I keep motivated by seeing my daily progress, and knowing that my efforts will see me to my goals. It will take a long time to get where I am going, but it will be so worth it.

Of course this site helps, and music, good quality ear buds and great music. emoticon

SparkPoints: (61,388)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
12/5/12 4:51 P

I met a co-worker from Boynton Beach when I was at a corp conf in St. Louis. She has very bad arthritis in her ankle and a misaligned leg. When she's standing as straight as possible, her legs almost form a letter K. She's completed several marathons to raise money for leukemia research because her son died in his 20s after a long battle with the disease.

The person I sit with at church is not too much older than I am. He had a severe stroke just before I started going to that church. He lost use of his right hand and arm, and most of the use of his right leg.

Before my Sunday school teacher passed away, he was dealing with severe neuropathy. His wife had 14 back surgeries and both knees replaced. Both of them struggled to take every step.

when I get really tired and don't think I can walk or run another yard, I think about all the people I know who would LOVE to be able to run 3 steps! And I keep going while I still can. It may not always be that way.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Posts: 8,023
12/5/12 4:16 P

Not wanting to be a freaking size 26 anymore. I had gotten down to a loose 16/tight 14 in 2007(but totally the wrong way-see my page), had a knee injury, and gave up on the program. Then I stopped caring altogether. I'm going to be 35 on Saturday, and not the Abi that I want to be for the rest of my life, and I don't want the reason that I die be due to me being so gee golly heavy. How embarrassing would that be for my kids???

SparkPoints: (66,882)
Fitness Minutes: (21,811)
Posts: 3,660
12/4/12 10:26 P

The daily use of the nutrition tracker.

Posts: 6,130
12/4/12 10:25 P

I like my body more now than ever and that and Jesus keeps me motivated.

SparkPoints: (83,172)
Fitness Minutes: (63,480)
Posts: 3,886
12/4/12 10:19 P

Looking forward to some event helps motivate me. I think even God likes chocolate and has trouble with it, too, we don't really know yet.

SparkPoints: (531)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 24
12/4/12 9:51 P

Yes, God is a good motivator.

Posts: 11,456
12/4/12 9:29 P


SparkPoints: (531)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 24
12/4/12 9:28 P

What or who keeps you motivated?

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