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What keeps you motivated to run?

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Posts: 2,733
1/18/13 3:35 P

I signed up for a 5K. Set a goal & it should keep you going!

Posts: 265
1/18/13 3:28 P

I just started a 5k training program (ZombieRun, I'm a nerd, but that's ok). While I can't run far or fast I love the feeling of accomplishment I get after doing my days training. I'm signing up for a Color Blast 5k in March and I'm super excited! My husband, daughter, and several friends are going to do it with me. emoticon

Posts: 559
1/18/13 2:00 P

The euphoric feeling I get while running, and the fact that my 8 year old and I have signed up for a 5k in November

Posts: 9,659
1/18/13 9:57 A

I like how it makes feel afterward and I try to use that as motivation.

SparkPoints: (48,050)
Fitness Minutes: (39,746)
Posts: 1,171
1/18/13 9:54 A

I just started back to running and I'm doing the Run Your Butt Off (RYBO) program. I am on halfway through week 3. I did sign up for a 5k in March and an 8k in April as goals to shoot for. I have been a runner before and I'm determined to get back and stick with it this time. I want to lose weight and be healthy for the long run.

Posts: 5
1/18/13 9:24 A

I used to hate running, but I started a couch to 5k type program, and I actually started to really enjoy it! For me, the difference was that I could actually see how I was improving each week. When I would go for a jog before, I would run until I was too out of breath, walk for a bit, then run again. I never timed it, so I never felt like I got any better. The couch to 5k is set up similarly, but you time how long your running and walking intervals are, and run a bit more each week.

Also, for me, it always works better to work out in the morning. Then I get it done first thing, and I feel better all day! Unfortunately I injured my knee, so I've been using an elliptical, but I can't wait to get back to running.

SparkPoints: (2,349)
Fitness Minutes: (1,818)
Posts: 20
1/17/13 8:19 P

Signing up for races (especially with friends). It's an incentive to invest in training.

SparkPoints: (6,433)
Fitness Minutes: (10,875)
Posts: 140
1/17/13 5:52 P

I motivate myself to run by picturing a cute bikiini, a cute dress, or thinking about some upcoming event. (There was Thanksgiving, then my birthday, then Christmas, now Valentine's Day is coming up and there's a dress I want to look fabulous in!)

SparkPoints: (21,206)
Fitness Minutes: (60,112)
Posts: 1
1/17/13 3:16 P

I have a love hate relationship with running, so my motivation to run is the fact that it is pretty much the only exercise that makes me think "huh I might actually be athletic and in shape" I signed up for my first 5k that was run on December 31, a great way to ring in the new year! Training for it and seeing how every time I ran it became easier and more enjoyable (and less painful on my body!) was very empowering. I have signed up for another 5k in May to keep the motivation going. A lovely extra bit of motivation for me is my 13 year old son runs the races with me!

Posts: 701
1/17/13 6:06 A

I ran for the very first time in my life in August '12, signed up for a 5k in September '12 and finished it faster than I thought I would. I was hooked after my first finished 5k and signed up for 2 more quickly. What keeps me runinng is the "runner's high", competing against myself to get faster times, and the drive to run loinger distances.

SparkPoints: (14,085)
Fitness Minutes: (19,717)
Posts: 1,189
1/16/13 11:47 P

Running makes me feel like the athlete I never was. It helps me eat better because it's hard to run well without the right fuel. Most importantly, it is stunningly efficient for burning calories. A regular schedule of races doesn't hurt either.

SparkPoints: (138,443)
Fitness Minutes: (142,108)
Posts: 9,135
1/16/13 8:21 P

Honestly, I hate running and I am super slow! But, I enjoy the planning and working towards races and really love the feeling of crossing the finish line and earning that shirt and possibly a medal. And, it's great exercise. Most importantly, I have made some great friends because I choose to run.

Posts: 647
1/16/13 7:00 P


SparkPoints: (3,832)
Fitness Minutes: (1,591)
Posts: 4
1/16/13 6:15 P

TEBBSC87 If you really like running and zombies, you may want to check out if you haven't yet. I'm sure it's much different to run against zombies on an app and "zombies" really chasing you but it might be something cool to do. emoticon

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Posts: 40
1/16/13 3:24 P

determination to try harder this time! also - i have felt really good since stepping up cardio again!

SparkPoints: (4,541)
Fitness Minutes: (302)
Posts: 163
1/16/13 3:03 P

Seeing nature and the local countryside :)

SparkPoints: (38,918)
Fitness Minutes: (51,134)
Posts: 1,183
1/16/13 2:36 P

For me, running is a spiritual thing. I just have this connection to the world around me when I'm running, especially when I'm running outdoors. It helps center me and brings me to a peaceful place.

Plus, I love to see how far I can push myself. It's fun! I'm in training for my first half marathon and am up to 10 miles already on my long runs! :)

Posts: 582
1/16/13 2:08 P

Races! I started with 5K's, then 10K's, and now I run half's. My goal is to run one in every state. Plan to do 3 this year - California, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. I even got 13.1 and the states I've run in so far tattooed on my ankle/foot. Now that it's permanently in writing, I've got to do it!!

Posts: 866
1/16/13 1:15 P

i run for the feeling i get right after i go for a run is priceless... a combination of pride, exertion euphoria, and knowing that i am using my body for what it was intended for, pushing it towards its maximum potential with every run i take.
also, i LOVE food! life for me has to involve great food - i love cooking, baking, reading about food, shopping for food, and of course eating. so to achieve my health goals i have to get in a lot of cardio to still be able to eat great food, and running is perfect for that!

SparkPoints: (111,583)
Fitness Minutes: (166,778)
Posts: 3,939
1/16/13 12:30 P

I've become addicted to collecting medals in races, so I know if I run then I can do the races to get the medals.

Posts: 26
1/16/13 12:19 P

I recently discovered the Zombie5k and Zombies, Run! apps for iPhone & Android. Interval training on runs, plus an overarching story so you have somewhere to put your brain. That's all I ever need once I"m moving.. somewhere to put my brain. In this case, it's firmly in my skull where the zombies can't get to it!

SparkPoints: (78,804)
Fitness Minutes: (30,251)
Posts: 4,868
1/16/13 11:15 A

I was overweight as a child and couldn't even run around the schoolyard without being winded, and stitches in my side.
So now I run just because I can.

SparkPoints: (16,938)
Fitness Minutes: (11,909)
Posts: 154
1/16/13 10:30 A

Inspiring!! Thank you! :-)

SparkPoints: (89,781)
Fitness Minutes: (68,656)
Posts: 2,832
1/16/13 7:30 A

I do the Ironman half tris and running is the 3rd component. Yet I don't feel that I look good when I run as I am very muscular.....I see those little lithe girls running by me and that motivates me....Also it is one of the few cardio exercises that really does change the shape of your body and get rid of the belly fat!

Posts: 277
1/16/13 6:49 A

ALLIBEAR77 - Layers are your friend when cold weather running. I invested in a good pair of thermo tights (expensive, but I've used them for 3 seasons so far) and running jacket which has armpit zips (Too much info?) so I can add a bit of ventilation if I start overheating.

Other than that, I just layer with wicking t-shirt and long-sleeved "mid-layer". You might find that a Gaitor or Buff might help cut down on cold air coming in around your neck.

You're right though - one of the worst things you can do is to dress too warmly. As soon as you sweat and hit a windy patch, game over. You'll never warm up after that.

SparkPoints: (4,069)
Fitness Minutes: (5,119)
Posts: 11
1/15/13 11:43 P

I have only been running for three weeks, but I see a lot of changes in my body already and each time, I find I can go just a little bit further and that it's getting easier. I hope I stay with it - I like how it feels!

Posts: 527
1/15/13 10:59 P

The only reason I have started running is the glow run. I want to do that, but finding a good bra has been so challenging.

Posts: 1,489
1/15/13 8:01 P

The fact that I know it is one of the healthiest things I can be doing for myself. Also the feeling I get afterwards motivates me to put my running shoes on and get started.

SparkPoints: (2,159)
Fitness Minutes: (755)
Posts: 18
1/15/13 5:11 P

There is a Glow In the Dark 5K coming up and being able to run that is my main motivation for running right now! And being able to keep up with my more fit friends during it! And still having energy to go to the dance party afterwards!

Posts: 982
1/15/13 4:19 P

PURE JOY!!!!!!! This former obese childhood asthmatic LOVES running...Now, the nonrunning days...not so much.

Posts: 122
1/15/13 3:56 P

I think about the me that couldn't run... and treat here to a little wind in her hair. Oh, yeah- its also fun!

Posts: 1,109
1/15/13 3:55 P

Running makes me feel empowered, like I can conquer anything. I am set to run my first emoticon in April and I am stoked. emoticon emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (51,461)
Fitness Minutes: (48,592)
Posts: 2,992
1/15/13 2:38 P

I agree with everything CLRWILLIAMS25 said. I have done one half marathon already, but my time was pretty slow. I'm signed up for another one at the end of February and I'm determined to beat my previous time! It's a race against yourself. But it's awesome and fun!

SparkPoints: (29,395)
Fitness Minutes: (23,023)
Posts: 1,004
1/15/13 2:35 P

Different things motivate me to run, new music, getting to go outside, thinking of how I feel after a run, first 1/2 marathon looming in my future, competing with myself for time/miles

The only workout you'll regret is the on you didn't do.

Posts: 2,419
1/15/13 2:17 P

weight maintenance

SparkPoints: (18,767)
Fitness Minutes: (28,889)
Posts: 69
1/15/13 2:15 P

Any tips for winter running? I love running in nice weather, but I live in a cold part of Canada (is there a warm part of Canada? lol) so there are several months of the year when I rarely run. I still walk a few miles a day. I find it hard to run when I'm all bundled up, especially when I get sweaty and hot, and then the sweat gets me chilled.

SparkPoints: (5,247)
Fitness Minutes: (7,390)
Posts: 15
1/15/13 2:13 P

I started running for the first time last year. I love it!! I'm shocked. My husband brought home a curbside free treadmill from a family that was moving out of state.
My favorite motivation is sharing a library audio book with my husband. Our agreement is that we can only listen while we run- so if one of us skips a day they fall farther behind the action of the novel. We each hang our ear buds by the treadmill and the small Playaway recorder easily tucks in one of the 2 water bottle holders on the mill.
Even our teenagers are asking how far we ran or how the book is progressing.

SparkPoints: (922)
Fitness Minutes: (242)
Posts: 4
1/15/13 1:03 P

I would love to run... it's a love hate relationship for me. I hate running, but I love the results. Unfortunately, right now I am heavy so I have to walk or do stairs/ elliptical for my knees and back. Hopefully, soon, I will have lost the weight and have the desire to run. I think my desire for a healthier life will outweigh my hatred for running!

SparkPoints: (34,377)
Fitness Minutes: (29,643)
Posts: 2,162
1/15/13 12:26 P

Pride. lol

SparkPoints: (4,404)
Fitness Minutes: (2,300)
Posts: 16
1/15/13 12:24 P

I have 3 teenage boys and my husband! Alot of work and a very hectic life style. Running is my get-a-way time!!! It's what keeps me sane! emoticon

SparkPoints: (13,779)
Fitness Minutes: (9,846)
Posts: 517
1/15/13 12:24 P

The want to so do better. I race against myself. I also love the way I feel when I am running. I run on a bike path that goes through the woods. I get to see all the animals and nature when I run.

SparkPoints: (18,005)
Fitness Minutes: (23,111)
Posts: 273
1/15/13 12:12 P

I love the way I feel after a run, but sometimes that just isn't enough!I am highly competitive and sometimes I have to motivate myself through the knowledge that my friends and family are thinking , "I should really get out there myself"...I know through their comments that they are inspired and motivated by my dedication at times, so I think back to the comments they have made to me when I need an extra push

Posts: 1,753
1/15/13 12:02 P

I feel better physically after I run.

Posts: 818
1/15/13 11:55 A

I love it, and I feel fantastic during and afterwards. I also am incredibly grateful that my body allows me most days to be able to run, because there are days that my back is too sore and there are people who have mobility issues and are unable to run.

Posts: 277
1/15/13 11:43 A

Sometimes my motivation is just to get outside and enjoy being outdoors. I spend so much time in the office, that if it's sunny at the end of my work day, I really crave being out there to soak it in.

On bad days (and I have them) I tell myself, "just go for 10 minutes". I almost always run longer than that. It's always starting that is my challenge. If I'm having a REALLY bad run (thinking too much or being negative, or just not enjoying it) then I stop, walk.

Music can sometimes make the difference. If I have a new song or two on my I-pod, it makes me want to work harder.

SparkPoints: (58,398)
Fitness Minutes: (35,692)
Posts: 4,388
1/15/13 11:27 A

usually I think about all of my friends who would love to be able to run but cannot (bad knees, bad back, stroke, age, etc) and that keeps me going...knowing that one day I may not be able to.

SparkPoints: (30,524)
Fitness Minutes: (28,116)
Posts: 2,002
1/15/13 11:17 A

This girl does not run!

Posts: 5,920
1/15/13 11:16 A

normally I find it within myself to do this....but not today. I asked Jesus to help me and of course he did...........Just would of rather ran outside but it is too slick so I was on my treadmill.

SparkPoints: (119,726)
Fitness Minutes: (143,793)
Posts: 2,194
1/15/13 10:47 A

NOTHING motivates me to run...especially since I have arthritic knees & had to have surgery to remove a herniated disk in my back.

However, I EXERCISE DAILY....I walk for 45-60 minutes every day, 7 days a week, on my treadmill....LOVE walking. Keeps me fit & healthy & energized...with no joint or back stress. :)

Whatever you do to exercise--Keep Doing It! If it works for you that's FANTASTIC! :) :) :)

SparkPoints: (1,406)
Fitness Minutes: (228)
Posts: 2
1/15/13 10:43 A

Used to hate running,I felt very tired, i just didn't like the feeling at all! i couldn't even run for 5 minutes but now a week later i can run a mile and feel awesome, now i crave running every day! my motivation is a new me!!!!

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