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What it feels like to truly be healthy!

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Posts: 8
8/13/09 7:46 A

Good for you ,Hope you keep up the good work,I came back one month ago to try again to lose the weight but it sure is hard,It`s nice to read a story like yours,Makes me think i can do it too,Remember i always say 1 lb off is better than 1 lb on Take Care & good luck.

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Posts: 17
8/13/09 7:43 A

Your words are so true in many ways! Too many times we want the results of being healthy without actually focusing on getting healthy. Looking "skinny" or "lean" or "fit" or whatever word we choose to put in there is a result of working towards a healthy body. It is a result of an action and shouldn't be the goal. Your words are so inspirational and I hope you continue to strive for success!

Posts: 34
8/13/09 7:43 A

Great job on changing so much of your lifestyle!! Keep up the good work!!

Posts: 30
8/13/09 7:43 A

What a great story! Thank you for sharing! Congratulations and go get 'em! emoticon

Posts: 1
8/13/09 7:41 A

WOW!! That is so awesome and very inspiring. My hat goes off to you for doing a great job and putting yourself first. It is so hard to do this but you are doing everything you should be to stay healthy and you probably added years to your life. WAY TO GO!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

Posts: 10
8/13/09 7:41 A

Thank you so much for your story. I had a similar realization a couple of years ago. I told myself that this whole process wasn't about my vanity, but about my health. I didn't have any specific weight goal in mind or time frame in which to get there. I just started walking everyday, then eating healthier. I'm now 50lbs thinner. I run 3-5 miles or workout at the gym everyday, and have more energy than ever before. Because I didn't do this to get into some dress or pair of jeans, I feel like I'm in a better position to keep it off. I know the changes I've made have to be permanent, not just something I do until I see a number I like on the scale. Keep up the good work!

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Posts: 208
8/13/09 7:40 A

Good job! Keep up the good work!!!

Posts: 6
8/13/09 7:37 A

Great job keep going one day one step at a time emoticon emoticon

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Posts: 11,396
8/13/09 7:37 A

Congratulations! Take much pride in yourself and your accomplishments.

Posts: 344
8/13/09 7:36 A

Good for you, Nat. Keep up the great work. Now that is inspiration for me. I have over 40lbs to lose. I have lost 9 in four weeks. But hey, I didn't put it on overnight so I shouldn't expect to lose it overnight. :) Let's keep the pounds off, the exercise up and we will continue to be healthier chicks! emoticon

Posts: 12
8/13/09 7:35 A

What an inspiration your article is! It makes me want to get busy and get healthy too. I've printed your story and have hung it by my computer at work. Thank you for giving me the push I need to feel better, get healthy and live longer.

Posts: 48
8/13/09 7:33 A

WOW, you are an inspiration.

SparkPoints: (60,170)
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Posts: 1,221
8/13/09 7:32 A

congrats natalie. what an accomplishment. i too follow a more healthier lifestyle and its been paying off. emoticon

Posts: 238
8/13/09 7:32 A

Wow, congratulations on all your achievements! I am still struggling with many of the things that you have already overcome. Thanks for posting and providing encouragement to all of us :)

Posts: 16
8/13/09 7:29 A

Congratulations! What an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

Posts: 38
8/13/09 7:26 A

You are definitely and inspiration to us all!! I congratulate you on your achievements so far, even thought they seem small they are absolutely HUGE in my book!! You are a definite motivator!! Thank you for offering your story to us. It helps! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 200
8/13/09 7:26 A

What a great inspiration! It really is great to hear about your accomplishment. It motivates me to stay on course with my own issues and cncerns. I hope you realize that you are the one to control your own destiny and happiness. True friends will never leave you behind again.
God bless you!

Posts: 7,072
8/13/09 7:24 A

What an incredible and true insight:
"I wasn't going to find happiness in being thin. And, that the best I could do for myself was to become healthy."

Good for you, and good for the secondary realization, once you started doing that one small thing: you feel better!

You are a true inspiration and the heart of what SparkPeople is all about!

Posts: 45
8/13/09 7:23 A

Congratulations! You encourage me to keep going. Your positive words and enthusiasm keep me to want to just do it and achieve my goal. I thought about what you said about being healthy rather than being skinny. I realize that my health is more than getting itty bitty. Thank you and great job!

Posts: 11
8/13/09 7:22 A

WOW!!! did I need to read that this morning. Thank you so much for your inspiration and encouragement.My husband and I have been doing Sparkpeople since June 18th, walking almost everyday, eating better and healthier. I sprained my ankle, and that stopped my walking for awhile, which led to depression which led to eating junk and feeling like I can't do this,which led to beating myself up. You know the cycle.I decided last night NO MORE. I need to take care of myself. I asked my best friend to pray for me as I am going to start over again and start walking today. The doctor said I can't walk distance, yet. We were up to 3 miles a day, today I will walk 1 mile and be grateful that I can walk that far, and realize it is better than not walking at all.Thank you for sharing your story and giving me the extrta shot in my arm that I needed. Continue with your progress. God bless you. Annapip

Posts: 31
8/13/09 7:21 A

Way to good.. that is great you are an inspiration to us all. Your right its not all about being skinny it is about being healthy and being able to do the things you love to do. Keep up the good work and good luck in the future...

Posts: 7
8/13/09 7:20 A

Thanks for sharing your story ... you are an inspiration and just what I needed to get me moving toward better health, not some idea of a beautiful body!

Posts: 1
8/13/09 7:19 A

Hooray!!! You are an inspiration! You are doing the right thing this time! Like you, I started making healthy choices, 2 months ago. But, I needed some motivation to get exercising again, & woke up to your post that was emailed to me! I took it as a "sign." I will resume my bike riding when I am finished my reply to you!(Was riding 7 miles a few times a week & stopped about a week ago). You should be so proud of your accomplishments & the effect you are having on those who know your story! I wish you the best :) And, Thank You for sharing!

Posts: 12
8/13/09 7:19 A

Very nice! Very inspiring to us all. emoticon

Posts: 74
8/13/09 7:18 A

congrats!!! You have done an amazing thing for yourself...quitting smoking and trying to get healthy!!! Awesome! I appreciate your encouragement to try to change one thing, and when that becomes a habit, add one more thing! It really spoke to me.

Posts: 9
8/13/09 7:16 A

What a great job. I am so excited for you. Keep at
it. You are doing all the good things for you.

Posts: 17,390
8/13/09 7:14 A

What an inspiration! Keep up the good work. I quit smoking in 1986, and I still wonder how I really did that! Great work on becoming healthier! Please keep all of us posted on your progress :).

Posts: 13
8/13/09 7:12 A

This is great. I am newer at this than you and hoping all my new habits will stick as well. Finding I struggle at the cardio exercises . I also quit the smoking before I started. Your post was a real inspiration. emoticon

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Posts: 1
8/13/09 7:11 A

Keep up the good work!!!

Posts: 1,904
8/13/09 7:08 A

This is exactly where I am - a desire to feel better and be healthy! And if I look better in the process - great! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story and keep up the good work!

Posts: 1
8/13/09 7:06 A

Congratulations! your off to a great start. I have been overweight my entire life and had my share of challenges. However, I feel exactly like you. We need to focus on eating healthy so we can form new eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Posts: 65
8/13/09 7:05 A

Inspiring! Congratulations and thank you

Posts: 155
8/13/09 6:57 A


Posts: 61
8/13/09 6:57 A

Wow!I only have 25 to lose and your letter is an inspiration. i'm going to read it everyday!You are amazing! keep us all posted.I know you will do it this time.

Posts: 78
8/13/09 6:52 A

With your patience and determination you should achieve your short, mid and long term goals. I will walk around with your story in my head as I face my challenges. Thanks and good luck

Posts: 5,037
8/13/09 6:52 A

Great post and great attitude

Posts: 61
8/13/09 6:52 A

i've known several girls , one who coudn't get pregnant for 10 years. they lost their weight, looked great and all got pregnant and delivered healthy kids.they looked great after, also. All those good habits paid off. good luck! Be patient!

SparkPoints: (26,786)
Fitness Minutes: (30,279)
Posts: 1,157
8/13/09 6:52 A

I LIVED on Diet Coke, and then Coke 0, going thru cases of cans at work that I bought at Costco and then more at home.

When i quit diet soda, I wasn't even trying to quit. Someone on my Sparks Team, Turbo Jammers had this recipe for water. I HATE WATER...but more people on our team tried it and it was getting rave reviews. People said they felt better here it is, give it a whirl:

One Gallon pitcher of water.
Two lemons (and I don't even like lemon!) sliced (wash all the fruit - I try and get out the seeds as much as possible)
One orange sliced.
The juice of one lime (do not add slices of lime, something in the peel makes the water bitter).
They say let it chill for two hours, but I've also added ice and drank it right away. It's funny because I used to keep bottled water (when I drank the stuff out of the fridge, I preferred it warm - now I add lots of ice to this, may also be because I live in S. Florida)
You can refill the pitcher as you drink the water, but I dump it out every two days and start again.
I hope this helps!

PS the official name of it is: Yummy Water!

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Posts: 3
8/13/09 6:51 A

That is so good keep up the good work

Posts: 61
8/13/09 6:51 A

i've known several girls , one who coudn't get pregnant for 10 years. they lost their weight, looked great and all got pregnant and delivered healthy kids.they looked great after, also. All those good habits paid off. good luck! Be patient!

Posts: 2
8/13/09 6:49 A

Yes! You have hit the nail on the head! I want to copy this and post it where I can see it every day. One step at a time. Just do it....and before my very eyes I'll be transformed. Thanks for the reminder that good health is within my grasp. emoticon

Posts: 40
8/13/09 6:48 A

wow, what a great inspiration you are! You keep going!!!!!

Posts: 932
8/13/09 6:48 A

What perfect timing for me. I'm just starting sparkpeople and my journey to lose 80 pounds. Reading your story makes me reevaluate my goals. Healthy it is. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You inspire me.

Posts: 11,293
8/13/09 6:48 A

great job emoticon

Posts: 262
8/13/09 6:47 A

emoticon What a terrific and positive post. We can do this, it just takes time and perseverance. Sounds like you have a good handle on working into it gradually and developing good habits. Thanks for sharing and keep going!

Posts: 110
8/13/09 6:46 A

Awesome job on the quitting smoking! Keep the motivation and you will have that little bundle of joy and keep the weightloss going!

SparkPoints: (22,814)
Fitness Minutes: (24,299)
Posts: 2,073
8/13/09 6:46 A

well done. thank you for sharing your story keep it up

michelle xx

Posts: 4
8/13/09 6:45 A

Great Job Keep it up.

Posts: 3
8/13/09 6:42 A

I have felt trapped in a fat body for so long that I also thought that I would be fat. I have found spark and I am tring it. So far I am doing good. I quite smoking over a year ago and now I am working on not drinking soda. That is had because that is the only beverage that I consumed was Diet Pepsi. I have started to drink water and I'm feeling better. I also have started to think about what I am eating. I love the nutrietion tracker. Anyway I have hopeful thoughts now about being healthy, my doctor says I need to loose the weight before I can have a baby. My husband and I want one so bad and are not getting pg right now. I am willing to be pateint I just am hoping that this time it's forever. I lost 30 pounds and gained it right back now I;m at 230 and need and want to be about 170. Thank you for all the support and success story's makes my jorney much easier.

Posts: 181
8/13/09 6:37 A

That is fabulous! Everyday you are healthier than before. emoticon

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