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THISISIT2 Posts: 1,542
8/13/09 6:36 A

Your habits are succinct and workable for most. I add one: keep calories to between 1200 and 1550 per day.
Way to go!!!!!!!!!

BJWHITTS Posts: 145
8/13/09 6:35 A

I am SOOOO encouraged by your motivation, you have NO idea. Thank You so much for sharing your outlook and progress. You go girl!!!!!!!!!

PAVELKA6 SparkPoints: (9,413)
Fitness Minutes: (7,862)
Posts: 28
8/13/09 6:35 A

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for sharing! What an amazing story you have. How inspiring to show what a difference ONE thing can make...........and another, and another.

God Bless!

JURI62 SparkPoints: (84,741)
Fitness Minutes: (43,779)
Posts: 10,690
8/13/09 6:34 A

Thanks for the new perspective! Awesome attitude.

HEALTHYMOMMY2B SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,355)
Posts: 1,148
8/13/09 6:34 A

What a great motivational story!! Sounds like you know exactly how to make a lifestyle change! Congratulations...and thanks for sharing.

8/13/09 6:32 A

That's a perfect way to start - one step at a time. Kudos to you!

MRSTEDDYBEAR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (22,360)
Posts: 361
8/13/09 6:32 A

Congrats on your new outlook on life. It can seem overwhelming at first and you have taken it one at a time which for all of us will keep us going on the right path. You are an inspiration! emoticon

8/13/09 6:32 A

Keep up the good work!

8/13/09 6:28 A

Awesome! You totally inspired me! Keep up the great work, you will get there. Quitting smoking is the most wonderful thing you can do for yourself.

8/13/09 6:26 A

Hurrah for you. Keep it up,no matter how well you are doing, things can only gebetter.Congratulations
emoticon emoticon

DONNAS6032 Posts: 1
8/13/09 6:22 A

This really made my morning! Keep up the good work, I know all to well how hard it is to loose weight and get healthy. You are and inspiration to us.

8/13/09 6:13 A

AW, I am so proud of you I literally cried as I read your post. Great job and keep it up! I love spark people, it is a great community to have available to us. I haven't even lost 1lb yet, but I am just going to continue on with my small changes all the time and look forward to my healthy life for the rest of it. Thanks for sharing.

NANGELLE18 Posts: 1
8/13/09 6:12 A

This was such a great story to wake up and read. It gave me inspiration for the day. I just love this site. I know with stories like that I will be much healthier sooner than I thought. I also am doing this with being healthy as my number one goal and the weight loss is secondary. emoticon

MICHLUVSBOSTON SparkPoints: (38,019)
Fitness Minutes: (56,754)
Posts: 1,187
8/13/09 6:10 A

Truly amazing, what an accomplishment...the best thing is it's not a diet, but a new way of life!
Congratulations and keep it up!

LUCYHALL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
8/13/09 6:09 A

Wow!! You have inspired me to get back on track.
May God continue to bless you and your efforts.

EUFORA SparkPoints: (26,881)
Fitness Minutes: (8,132)
Posts: 31
8/13/09 6:05 A

You are SO inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story. When we honor what this journey will "look" like for us we see success. Success that we defined for ourselves!

KITT52 SparkPoints: (697,143)
Fitness Minutes: (431,194)
Posts: 77,911
8/13/09 6:03 A

great way to keep us all really is about getting healthy and making small changes.

great job...


HDHAWK Posts: 20,899
8/13/09 6:02 A

emoticon on all the healthy choices you are making including quitting smoking! That's a huge accomplishment! Looking forward to following your continued success!

8/13/09 5:58 A

Thanks so much, Natalie for a marvelous start to the day, and the inspiration to stay with it inspite of all odds. Each day I keep a personal journal of reasons to keep going, of inspirational thoughts, of little pics of my kids (my most important reason of all) and of my plans for the day and how to get thru it successfully, healthfully. Today your message topped the list. It's one I hope to read and re-read daily. Congratulations and Thank you for sharing such a piece of yourself with us all. ~ Sue

SUMMER1953 Posts: 2
8/13/09 5:50 A

i love your story keep up the good work, i to need to lose alts of weight to get back being heathen you

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TANITH22 Posts: 5
8/13/09 5:47 A

I think what you've done is fantastic, and I think you went the right way about it. I have been exercising and counting calories and the weight is still going on! But, like you I have been doing one habit at a time, and I do feel much better for it, and I am heavier, but thinner around my waist as the muscle tone comes back. I am sure as I also add more habits that the weight will start to come off. Thanks

BLUEMOON215 Posts: 27
8/13/09 5:47 A

Thanks so much for your courage and inspiration. emoticon

8/13/09 5:46 A


Who would of thought that there would be a renewing of the mind even in our thinking of eating habits. I can see God smiling at this one, huh?

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ZEE1960 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (22,945)
Posts: 1,801
8/13/09 5:44 A

Well done Natalie, you should be very proud of yourself. Dieting is a chore and a waste of time, the way forward is healthy eating which will become as natural as getting out of bed in the morning. keep up the good work, all the best Zee

MISSENG Posts: 16,087
8/13/09 5:38 A

Thank you for your inspiring story. Keep up the great job. emoticon

8/13/09 5:36 A

I want you to know I am very impressed and proud of you. I'm still working on the water. I'm going to try harder because you are a good example for me.

NUBII1 Posts: 4
8/13/09 5:34 A

thanx for sharing you post not only shows the difficulties to overcome but what a remarkable person you are. At the moment dieting is overwhelming me and making me feel quite sad as it is such hard work and I realise after reading your post that it is because I am viewing it as a means of giving up what I enjoy rather than persuing my dream of being healthier. Again thanx for those inspiring words.

8/13/09 5:31 A

Buddysmama, I am not sure if you were responding to what I had just shared or not. But I read your comment. I too have been very dicouraged, and it has been now, almost three yrs. that I have not been able to move any wieght. "Talk about discouragment." Again, I am so going to grab on to renewing my mind, with "healthy life" and am hoping that my body will soon catch up. Will be mindful of you, in your journey as well. Mama G.

PASTORJEFF2 SparkPoints: (182,377)
Fitness Minutes: (97,250)
Posts: 13,405
8/13/09 5:21 A

Keep up the great work.

BEAU1967 Posts: 161
8/13/09 5:17 A

wow! I LOVE your attitude! Thanks for inspiring me!

LUCKYCOMET SparkPoints: (254,336)
Fitness Minutes: (178,108)
Posts: 6,615
8/13/09 5:17 A

i feel good after a great workout or playing tennis.

8/13/09 5:17 A

I just want you to know that your post is so inspiring. Right now, I'm at a really low point in my life; dieting is a chore, and I just CANNOT motivate myself. People don't realize how that feels. People who don't have a weight problem say things like - just eat less, or go to the gym. Sounds easy; but it's not.

This morning, I checked my mail and sometimes if I have lots of junk mail, I delete even SparkPeople messages. For some reason I kept this one, and read it. It was the first thing I heard in a very long time that shows me this is possible to do.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

8/13/09 5:07 A

Thanks so much for sharing. I am thinking that this should not be anything new to me,but my brain with years of thinking "diet", instead of the word "healthy lifestyle", is really a challenge. I can say tho I am eating healthy, stuggling with excersise, (everyday
at least). I am still not dropping the pds.but to re-main true to health would be very good thinking, vs when will the diet work? Thank you so much, I am hoping that these words will stay lodge in my memory when the old words want to creep up. Renewing the mind will be another step for me, and I will take the challenge. Thanks Again, MaMa G.

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TINAKARR Posts: 21
8/13/09 4:46 A


LAUR1E Posts: 119
8/13/09 4:41 A

Well done! Your story is very inspiring.

AUTUMNBIRCH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,697)
Posts: 187
8/13/09 4:41 A

The story was really inspiring and truthfull, We all get hooked up on losing weight rather than getting healthy and thats what get's us into trouble.

Getting healthy here I come :0)

PITTSD70 Posts: 459
8/13/09 4:35 A


8/13/09 4:32 A

I'm happy for you!
Don't mind what other people are thinking. Listen to your inner voice instead and find YOUR motivator. That's what you did and it works!
My way of finding what makes me feel great is yoga. It's all about connecting body and mind and being whole.
Good luck in the future

8/13/09 4:26 A

to hear inspiaring stories helps to inspire other people. keep up the wonderful work all of you.

8/13/09 4:16 A

So very well done. I recognised every word you have said. I had tried nearly everything I could think to lose weight even surgery and nothing seemed to work until November 2008 and since then I have lost 73lbs got my health & energy back. Changed my life completely and now I can even help people just like you and I with my new business. I wish you well and keep up the fantastic journey to health and wellness. love Janet

JACQUIG1955 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,958)
Posts: 454
8/13/09 4:16 A

That is a wonderfull result. You have not dieted you have made a life change and look at what it has done for you. Keep up the good work. emoticon emoticon

WMCHAS Posts: 3
8/13/09 4:05 A

Thank you so much for sharing your progress. It is another way for me to look at the whole health issue and because of your sharing I'm going to start back with the water today and see where it leads me. Thanks again!!

BARB628 Posts: 3
8/13/09 4:03 A

Congratulations on your marriage! Also congrats on starting again. Today is the first day of the rest of your HEALTHY life! I understand about noticing pounds that to others seem no big deal. I get upset over gaining 5 pounds because I can FEEL the difference even if others claim they don't see it. You do what makes YOU feel healthy and good about yourself emoticon have a great day today!

8/13/09 3:56 A

Your motivation was a breath of fresh air. I started SP almost a year ago...can you believe it I am still here. Maybe not as religiously but I come in when I need that wake up call and you were the one to give it to me this morning. (WHY AM I AWAKE AT 4am?) I didn't fall off the wagon really hard but I fell. Got married in June and its been non stop socialization since. Rehearsal dinner, wedding, airport food, Jamaica for a week, then a rollercoaster of parties and gatherings since. Hubby works odd hours and is never meal hungry so I have gotten away from balanced and have tipped the scale by adding back 7-8 pounds of the 38 I lost. Maybe some of you are sitting there thinking ...big deal but to me it is and I notice it. Starting to work on it again as of today......especially the water! So thanks for your inspiration and keep up the great work. emoticon

BARB628 Posts: 3
8/13/09 3:54 A

Way to go on your progress! Thank you so much for your inspiring story. I think you have the best attitude and I love your idea of adding/changing only one habit at a time. makes a lot of sense! One step at a time, one habit at a time, one meal at a time. Thanks for taking my thinking about weight in a new direction! By the way, I agree about starting slow. Rather be slow and steady, than fast and tucker out. Notice I use the tourtise on my weight tracker? I chose that one because I believe that slow and steady wins the race (the race against illness due to excessive weight and being sedentary)!

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DSJB9999 Posts: 5,017
8/13/09 3:51 A

Well done, that was truly motivational! They are just simple changes but have made a huge difference, well done! emoticon

JULIACA99 Posts: 35
8/13/09 3:49 A

Inspirational! Thank you for sharing.

SIRENEH Posts: 4
8/13/09 3:46 A

Bravo for you! Your story is incredibly inspiring!

FLYGAL5 Posts: 2,961
8/13/09 3:27 A

Well done, and those are things you can stick to for life. It is not just the changes but the ones we can sustain that matter in the long run.

IDCLARE Posts: 372
8/13/09 3:17 A

I loved your story! It was very inspirational and motivational to me and I think you are doing great and have a very good head on your shoulders. Thanks for inspiring me to do better and that small steps are o.k. All the little steps do add up to getting healthier and patience is all it takes. I wish you the best of luck and health for the future. Keep up the fantastic work! emoticon emoticon

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