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What is your something blue?

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Posts: 13,646
12/11/11 10:32 A

One of the brides on this site had a french manicure and a delicate blue bow drawn on one of her fingernails. I thought that was really pretty and a much better option than all blue fingernails.

Posts: 942
12/6/11 2:08 A

Don't know yet. Have you any ideas?

Posts: 85
12/3/11 3:56 P

I'll be carrying a blue Rosary. I just bought the materials yesterday :-)

Posts: 630
12/3/11 2:15 P

I have Malibu blue shoes!

Posts: 1,060
11/1/11 12:09 P

I am thinking about getting blue shoes :)

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Posts: 228
11/1/11 11:34 A

My dress has light blue as the train panel. I just picked it up on Saturday, and I love it!

Posts: 421
10/31/11 6:43 P

Blue shoes...found that perfect pair

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Posts: 3
9/30/11 12:39 P

I think I'm going to wear some sort of blue shoes. It will be a complete contrast to my dress (as it is not traditional in the least), but will offer a bit of flavour!

Posts: 88
9/30/11 12:30 P

I've recently heard of a lot of brides sewing something blue into the inside of their dress. I love the idea. Now I just have to figure out what.....

Posts: 129
9/21/11 1:16 P

I have a beautiful navy blue bow clutch and matching peep-toe shoes!

Posts: 9
9/17/11 3:02 P

I am buying a royal blue bra and panty set to wear under my dresses. Both are thick enough to not be seen through with a slip.

Posts: 21
8/31/11 4:09 P

Belize! WOW!!!! My girl friend went thier with her husband :) That is thier new favoriate place on earth:) If you drink check out the yummy rum :)

Posts: 2,254
8/24/11 1:44 P

I am still so undecided about this. I want to think of something totally unique & me. I love the idea of shoes & nail polish...but I am wearing cowboy boots. I don't have an heirloom hankie or anything symbolic that's blue....

Aha! My tongue ring. It will be blue!

Posts: 735
8/13/11 2:20 P

Mine was a tiny blue ribbon on my garter

SparkPoints: (99,805)
Fitness Minutes: (120,680)
Posts: 15,918
7/28/11 9:19 A

when i got married, that was years ago !! my grangmother tatted me a blue hankie. i keep it in my bible. emoticon

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Posts: 11
7/26/11 10:02 A

I'm thinking nail polish. Maybe just on my toes, since I don't want it to be too obvious, but I do want to be able to show people.

Posts: 16
7/15/11 2:56 P

either my shoes.. or my toes!

SparkPoints: (17,115)
Fitness Minutes: (16,103)
Posts: 695
7/12/11 10:27 P

scarf from my mom

SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 4
7/12/11 8:56 P

My shoes were my something blue... They were peeptoe heels :)

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (70)
Posts: 3
3/5/11 7:25 P

Etsy is an awesome wedding is going to a hippy like theme and i found someone on there that makes patchwork dresses. She is custom making my patchwork wedding dress! all white fabrics with differant textures and a tree on the front! as far as my blue... i have no clue yet

SparkPoints: (11,981)
Fitness Minutes: (2,593)
Posts: 486
3/4/11 1:02 P

My Great-Grandmother passed away earlier this year, and I ended up receiving her rosary. Having just converted to Catholicism it meant a lot to me. It's blue, so I am going to wrap it around the stem of my bouquet.

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (55)
Posts: 3
2/14/11 9:52 P

My something blue is going to be my shoes. My bridesmaids are wearing a fun blue color, so I am having my shoes dyed to match their dresses!

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Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
2/13/11 11:35 P

My something blue will be cute lace blue flats!

Posts: 22
2/8/11 5:39 P

i want to wear ruffly blue boy-shorts i think that would be adorable...but only one person would see it lol

Posts: 55
2/7/11 10:36 A

Im thinking of making my jewlery my something blue. has some awesome jewlery

SparkPoints: (7,510)
Fitness Minutes: (8,606)
Posts: 92
2/6/11 11:11 A

Inspiredapple, your something blue is jeans????? LOVE IT!!!!

Posts: 1,201
2/6/11 3:39 A

BLue Jeans!

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,560)
Posts: 83
2/4/11 11:13 A

my is a blue butterfly that goes in my hair

SparkPoints: (7,510)
Fitness Minutes: (8,606)
Posts: 92
2/3/11 4:39 P

Mine was my underwear!

Posts: 134
2/3/11 12:05 A

Mine is my engagement ring: it has round sapphire stones beside the diamond.

Posts: 660
2/2/11 7:36 P

A charm for my bouquet, that I made for my Bubby & I when we were living in different states so that'd we'd always be together!

SparkPoints: (8,345)
Fitness Minutes: (7,958)
Posts: 139
1/26/11 12:13 A

My something blue is my great grandmother's hankerchief that I am going to hold around my bouquet.

SparkPoints: (1,301)
Fitness Minutes: (1,698)
Posts: 38
1/25/11 9:44 P

My fiance bought me a beautiful pair of old timey looking earrings with light blue drops on the end :)

Posts: 214
1/24/11 7:52 A

Mine was the shirt I wore while getting my hair and makeup done on the big day.

Congratulations all you future brides!

SparkPoints: (5,421)
Fitness Minutes: (6,745)
Posts: 36
1/24/11 1:05 A

I got married in October 2010 and my something blue was my nail polish on my toes! I wore peep toe heels and the blue peeked through and it was cute! :)

Posts: 2,085
1/22/11 12:31 P

I think I have all the other ones covered, but have not figured out what I'm gonna have that's blue. Originally I thought something on my shoes, but I'm undecided.

Posts: 1,454
1/20/11 2:47 P

I second the shoes!! I plan on buying some saphire colored strappy ones for the big day.

Posts: 73
1/17/11 9:28 P

My something blue is my Garter :)

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Fitness Minutes: (20)
Posts: 3
1/17/11 4:01 P

My something blue is my grandma's garter-which is also my something old. I wish I'd thought of shoes before I bought mine.

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20)
Posts: 3
1/17/11 3:58 P

My something blue is my grandma's garter-which is also my something old. I wish I'd thought of shoes before I bought mine.

Posts: 109
1/14/11 2:44 P

I won't have anything blue. (or anything borrowed either)

Posts: 861
1/13/11 10:47 P

I never had something blue when I got married 20 years ago and so when we renewed it last October, I just painted my nails blue.

Posts: 4
1/11/11 8:23 P

my shoes! emoticon

Posts: 4,820
1/11/11 8:12 P

ESJANNEY go to your start page. It says "My Tools" and there is a spot for "Weigh In". If you go in there you can update your weight and measurements. Good luck!

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,906)
Posts: 50
1/11/11 5:00 P

my something blue is my shoes as well. they are the knock off ones that sara jessica parker wore in sex in the city. only one prob, i have to send them back for a half size larger :( and they dont presently have that size in stock, so I might switch the style of something similar.
My colors are mocha, chartuse and sapphire.

As for tracking down your weight, I think if you go to start on your page on the left hand side there should be a block for weights and measurements. click that and it should be in there :)

Posts: 47
1/11/11 4:15 P

I would like to make my something blue my shoes! I am looking for the perfect ones! My colors are also fit for fall!

p.s- can you help me? how do I move my weight ticker? I have lost some weight and would like it to show accordingly. Thanks & congrats!!

Posts: 4,820
1/11/11 12:59 P

I have an old emboidered hankerchief that my great grandmother embroidered with blue flowers on it. It will be my something old and blue. I'm also wearing blue shoes (picture on my page).

My colors are fall colors.

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