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8/6/12 6:55 P

Jillian Michaels whey protein powder in chocolate

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8/6/12 3:38 P

Why do you want to use protein powder? Are you building muscle? The best way to get protein is eating whole foods that provide you with carbs, fats, and protein too. Unless you are a competitive athlete who exercises a lot at high intensity, or you are into bodybuilding, you should not need protein powder.

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8/6/12 3:38 P

I use hemp protein - no sugar or fake sugar, it's vegan and the only ingredient is hemp protein. Whey protein and soy protein are good too, but stick with ones that are less processed.
If you make your own shakes, you can flavor with stuff like fruit, cocoa, pumpkin, juice, etc, vanilla extract, cinnamon, etc. I use chopped dates to sweeten it instead of sugar. Just stick it all in the blender.

If you don't want to buy protein powder, you can always use greek yogurt or silken tofu instead, both can pack a powerful protein punch.

Let me know if you want some yummy shake recipes!

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8/6/12 3:31 P

What is your favorite protein powder to use in your shakes?

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