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I just bought Fitbit Force before Christmas. I love it and think it's a great motivational tool. I can't say I have a favourite since the only other pedometer I've owned was just a $15 watch pedometer that didn't track all day activity (I mainly used it on walks) and was terrible at tracking exercise.

My Fitbit is amazing though. I was skeptical of the calorie expenditure count but it seems to be lining up perfectly with my weight loss/maintenance. I am beginning to trust it. Of course, other factors may effect metabolic rate that Fitbit can't take into consideration but it seems spot on for me. Even when I exercise, it approximates almost identically to what Sparkpeople estimates I would burn for that specific activity. I also like that I can track my food here. I have all my recipes, groupings and can copy food to the following days (the Fitbit food tracker isn't as good as SP), SP has a better food database but what I track here instantly syncs to my Fitbit account. Unlike it's predecessor, Flex, it has a display that shows the time, steps, distance, calories burned, stairs and active minutes. I also like using the vibrating alarm on it and no longer have to worry about setting my clock for work and swing shifts.

I don't know how I lived without it. It also helped me to lose my last stubborn 5 lbs I've been carrying around for the last 6-8 months. I found out I was way under eating for my activity level. I began eating a lot more and the weight fell off me.

Pitfalls-- I don't care much for the food tracker but I can still use Spark to track. You can't swim with it (I believe Polar Loop is one of the only ones you can) and showering with it is risky. I heard some people are having skin allergies from Force! I haven't. You have to manually log certain activities that don't involve arm movement.

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I have a fitbit one and have found it to be pretty accurate as far as counting steps. I'm not too sure about the calorie count. So, I don't really bother with that number. I like the stair option (hills, elevation).

Do you like receiving motivational phrases ? The Fitbit is big on that. If you walk for a mile in X time, you get a little message that says,"way to go!" If you climb 20+ flights of stairs, you might get a message that says, you just climbed Big Ben or some other note worthy tall building.

If you're just looking for a pedometer, go with the Omron. If you want a device/tool that helps you to be more motivated to workout, then you might consider the fitbit. I'll have to check amazon, but the fitbit one used to be around $98. There are lesser models you can get for around $60. it depends how many bells and whistles you want.

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2/1/14 9:28 A

I am considering Fitbit, the Spark Tracker and an Omron pedometer. Does anyone have a good pedometer that they like and that is effective?

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