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What is your favorite exercises and why?

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Posts: 1,340
2/12/13 7:06 P

zumba because it is so fun i dont feel like I am exercising
body pump very challenging for me

Posts: 462
2/12/13 12:25 P

Dance...clogging. It is a group class once a week and doesn't feel like exercise because of the fun but you can feel the burn especially in your legs.

SparkPoints: (46)
Fitness Minutes: (60)
Posts: 17
2/12/13 11:57 A

I like classes that combine aerobics and strength training. I was a zumba failure lol I also do some step classes although I am not very good at them.

Posts: 401
2/12/13 11:35 A

Dance Aerobics..Zumba, Salsa, Hip Hop..etc.

Posts: 2,349
2/12/13 10:30 A

My favorites are water and snow skiing because I get to go fast. I love the breeze across my face. I am 55 years old and started both when I was about 15 years old. Since both require expensive equipment ( a boat for water skiing and skiis) I have rarely done either. In 40 years I have been water skiing twice, and snow skiing about 20 times.

I married a baseball player and we are both frugal people. We are ready for early retirement due to watching our pennies carefully over nearly four decades. Thus, we don't ski.

However, knowing that rarely I get a chance to ski, I lift weights (which I loathe) and run (which I genuinely enjoy), and ride my bike, all of which keep me in good condition so I can do the sports when opportunity arises.

I also love dancing, though seldom do it because it conflicts with work. Instead I do Pilates, Yoga, and sometimes Aerobics all of which are fine choices which I enjoy.

SparkPoints: (28,907)
Fitness Minutes: (6,869)
Posts: 1,012
2/8/13 11:17 A

Karate/kickboxing. Where I go (when I can) is a really great community. It's an amazing workout and stress reliever, but it's also a lot of fun with friends.

Posts: 5,299
2/8/13 10:40 A

brisk walk

SparkPoints: (3,516)
Fitness Minutes: (928)
Posts: 90
2/8/13 9:08 A

i love yoga, walking and running (sometimes), hiking, and dancing.

Posts: 786
2/8/13 8:35 A

Adirondack hike. The Adirondack Park has 46 high peaks and hundreds of side trails just an hour or two from where I live. Fresh air, sweat, wing, weather, camaraderie, God's great gifts.

Posts: 229
2/8/13 6:20 A

swimming, pilates and dancing makeme feel free and happy

SparkPoints: (93,727)
Fitness Minutes: (95,096)
Posts: 12,896
2/8/13 5:18 A

I love running and my favourite strength exercise are deadlifts. It's very empowering to pick up 150 pounds off the floor. I don't weigh 150 pounds so that makes it even more fun.

SparkPoints: (10,981)
Fitness Minutes: (11,987)
Posts: 473
2/8/13 2:54 A

Dancing! I love music.......Dancing is just plain fun!!

Posts: 14,301
2/7/13 8:29 P

for now, I'm intrigued by and learning to love the elliptical

SparkPoints: (65,767)
Fitness Minutes: (41,302)
Posts: 2,632
2/7/13 11:48 A

the firm , very challenging and fun

Posts: 4,763
2/6/13 6:07 P

swimming crawl, burns good calories compared to walking or treadmill etc.even treading water is a good return for the effort and time involved

Posts: 4,763
2/6/13 6:05 P

. swimming crawl, for the endorphins and it is zen and fun and treading water social when you do it with friends and a good overall work out

Posts: 1,436
2/6/13 2:30 P

Wii fit, zumba and dancing.

SparkPoints: (104,265)
Fitness Minutes: (60,176)
Posts: 5,489
2/6/13 1:45 P

My favourite is aquafitness, but the chlorine bothers my skin.

SparkPoints: (6,249)
Fitness Minutes: (4,241)
Posts: 64
2/6/13 12:09 P

yoga and running. Because with both, I can always see improvement, no matter what.

Posts: 4,467
2/6/13 11:59 A

elliptical trainer, walking, swimming, biking, good overall workout

SparkPoints: (10,869)
Fitness Minutes: (5,206)
Posts: 80
2/6/13 11:03 A

Zumba and dancing

SparkPoints: (47,428)
Fitness Minutes: (16,557)
Posts: 1,220
2/6/13 6:44 A

water zumba. it's a blast

Posts: 812
2/6/13 5:47 A

I like jump rope because to me it doesn't feel like a workout. I do Coach Nichole's jump rope workout like 5 times as a complete workout (50 mins.)

Posts: 1,038
2/5/13 12:43 P

Zumba and walking

Posts: 462
2/5/13 12:41 P

Dance. I take a clogging class once a week. It is fast paced and fun. You also are learning a skill at the same time while enjoying adult company. My daughter (who competes in dance) is actually impressed with some of the steps I am able to do.

SparkPoints: (97,203)
Fitness Minutes: (75,044)
Posts: 3,204
2/5/13 12:39 P

Running is my favorite exercise and the most liberating. You burn more calories, work your entire torso and feel like a million dollars when you do it. If you get your ditance and speed up you can erase any weight issues you may have and increase your health 100%.

Posts: 347
2/5/13 12:29 P

Ginnyok, I'm the opposite...I don't like the classes and I love the machines. I need to work on enjoying things other than machines. Isn't it interesting how different things make different people tick?

I'm with you on the treadmill, though. I love to run outdoors and would prefer to run in 20 degree weather outside than on the treadmill. I don't like having the machine dictate my pace. There's one exception--I like walking on a steep incline. That gives me such a good workout. If you're looking to make yourself like the treadmill, I would give that a try.

Posts: 69
2/5/13 12:14 P

Zumba and any cardio dance!!! I find strength training boring but I just started zumba toning and it is actually really fun!

SparkPoints: (3,312)
Fitness Minutes: (12,253)
Posts: 14
2/5/13 12:11 P

Anything dance related is my favorite. I do some type of dance class workout every day. I do a Cardio Dance Mix class three times a week which is lots of fun, a blend of all kinds of dance and all sorts of music. I also do Zumba and Belly Dancing each a few times a week, plus Swing Dance every so often when the local group offers classes.

I also love Yoga and try to do a class at least three times a week.

Over the last month or so, I've also discovered that I enjoy the group strength training classes my gym offers, like Sets and Reps and Boot Camp.

I've tried spin classes and kickboxing recently too, and they were both ok....but not my favorite.

My problem is I really do NOT enjoy any machines....treadmill, eliptical, etc. I get so bored I just can't stand it. So, I need to work on that. I do enjoy walking or jogging when the weather is pleasant and I can be outdoors, but I HATE the treadmill.

SparkPoints: (61,086)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
2/5/13 11:50 A

Pilates because I can do it at home or when I travel & I feel like my posture is so much better after Pilates

running because I can do it anywhere and it's FREE

bleachers because I burn a LOT of calories in a short period of time and really work my calves, quads, and glutes

spin class because I enjoy the instructors

Posts: 14,301
2/5/13 8:02 A

right now it's the elliptical. I can get such a great workout by adjusting the level of intensity and it's easier on my knees.

Posts: 3,733
2/5/13 12:41 A


Posts: 6,015
2/5/13 12:08 A

I love weight lifting........ emoticon to see how strong I am becoming. love seeing those muscles....... emoticon

SparkPoints: (48,457)
Fitness Minutes: (24,391)
Posts: 803
2/4/13 11:25 P

I love to run and I also love my strength training. I feel so strong and tough with the ST.

SparkPoints: (6,880)
Fitness Minutes: (9,038)
Posts: 142
2/4/13 10:34 P

I like playing team sports because I'm super competitive and it doesn't feel like exercise.

SparkPoints: (30)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 10
2/4/13 9:53 P

I like they gym - I enjoy treadmill and elliptical - I also like lower body weight machines as my lower body is much stronger than my upper xx

Posts: 347
2/4/13 9:38 P

Nothing makes me prouder than to say I run. Fat people don't run, so running makes me feel fit.

I do like mixing things up though. I'm always eying people at the gym and stealing their ideas.

SparkPoints: (146,392)
Fitness Minutes: (148,963)
Posts: 9,681
2/4/13 8:40 P

I don't have one particular favorite exercise. I have to mix things up or I get bored. I love group fitness including Body Pump, Total Body Conditioning and Insanity. I also run some and do machines/

SparkPoints: (2,746)
Fitness Minutes: (782)
Posts: 37
2/4/13 8:34 P

I lik emoticon e walking. I am tried to increase my speed so I can eventually job!

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