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JJOHNSON5734 Posts: 80
1/2/14 1:33 P

My new yoga mat! It's rubber on one side and textured on the other. No slipping, even when I'm sweaty, and it's a lot easier on my knees on my hardwood floors.

MJEAN77 SparkPoints: (4,155)
Fitness Minutes: (1,013)
Posts: 64
1/2/14 12:51 P

I have a treadclimber and I LOVE it! I love to be outside and walk as well but when the weather is not good I like to stay in.

TSB1124 Posts: 155
1/2/14 12:24 P

Thank you everyone. I do already have sneakers and hiking boots and the weather has been good for hiking.

I have some workout DVDs but they're either from before children (I currently can't do an hour of high intensity aerobics) or during pregnancy (the baby is now 12). I've been working from the exercise videos on SP I'll eventually expand my home collection again.

Snowshoes wouldn't be useful. I'm in the Mid-atlantic we only get that much snow about every 5 years or so and it doesn't stay long.

Resistance bands and weights would add some variety.

Thank you

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CKTALL Posts: 388
1/2/14 11:46 A

This was tough as I like being outside so my feet would come first

But with all the snow here

I would then go to my cybex arc trainer and my free weights

I love lifting weights more than anything if I have to be inside

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (28,529)
Fitness Minutes: (18,443)
Posts: 2,011
1/2/14 9:56 A

RHYMESWITHBABY I really want snowshoes but I need someone to snowshoe with (and probably to go a little further north in my state to make it worth my while, we get a lot of snow here but it doesn't tend to be very deep in comparison to what I like to snowshoe in). I've been and there's nothing like hiking through fresh snow that doesn't have human tracks yet and making that first set! I like regular walking in snow too which is good since we usually get less than a foot here (boots work fine for six inches or so).

EMTGIRL352 SparkPoints: (29,766)
Fitness Minutes: (21,467)
Posts: 1,610
1/2/14 9:36 A

The Total Gym that I borrowed from my mom.

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
Fitness Minutes: (13,947)
Posts: 2,072
1/2/14 9:31 A

my feet

JODAJASA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 3
1/2/14 9:14 A

My feet!
And my recumbent bike! LOL

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1/2/14 8:05 A

My Wii and my yoga mat

1/2/14 4:29 A

I actually have three pieces of exercis equipment I like, but I have to say my favorites are a tie between my mountain bike and kayak......sorry, I just couldn't choose one over the other. My third piece is a treadmill, but I love being outside if at all possible to exercise..... emoticon emoticon

HAPPY-DESTINY Posts: 23,049
1/2/14 2:13 A

My Total Fitness Gym!

RHYMESWITHBABY SparkPoints: (42,419)
Fitness Minutes: (64,616)
Posts: 263
1/1/14 11:39 P

I'm not sure that this counts as home exercise equipment but I'm sure it counts as exercise equipment I own. My favourite equipment is my snowshoes. I don't get to use them very often, and in my case I have to wait for a decent snowfall and then transport them (usually) to a public area 10 minutes from my home, but I love hiking in winter and snowshoes make flat expanses of unbroken snow into inviting and interesting places to "walk".

FLOWER174 SparkPoints: (3,738)
Fitness Minutes: (3,978)
Posts: 39
1/1/14 11:33 P

I would have to say my stairs and hula hoop!

TAMARAST1974 SparkPoints: (20,629)
Fitness Minutes: (27,388)
Posts: 254
1/1/14 9:39 P

hula hoop

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,446
1/1/14 9:38 P

Bowflex TreadClimber

BIZEBEVR Posts: 305
1/1/14 8:26 P

An exercise bike. I use it every day.

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (28,529)
Fitness Minutes: (18,443)
Posts: 2,011
1/1/14 8:01 P

Just picking one I'd say the computer. I watch so many videos for free here and on Youtube (lots of trainers have their own channels with free full length videos).

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (28,529)
Fitness Minutes: (18,443)
Posts: 2,011
1/1/14 7:54 P

My computer (having a way to watch workout videos for the cost of having internet access), the weighted ball I got from Five and Below, resistance bands and my Wii Fit.

CKOLL22 Posts: 53
1/1/14 7:07 P

I love my weighted hula hoop. I hula while watching T.V. Plus I love my fit bit because it helps me keep motivated!

COMFANFAN Posts: 3,301
1/1/14 6:59 P

My Aerobic Step

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/1/14 6:27 P

my favorite is a box of weight plates and bars with clips I got for 25 bucks at walmart. With these you can go up in weight. If you are looking for something that doesn't use much space I just bought a bar that has 2 resistance bands attached. It is suppose to be use for pilates. But I use it for strength training. You can do squats with it...bicep curls and so many things.

CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
1/1/14 6:26 P

besides all of my DVDs, my kettlebell

ANGELCITYGAL SparkPoints: (38,869)
Fitness Minutes: (20,298)
Posts: 1,724
1/1/14 6:04 P

My six pound hand weights and my sneakers.

TLB1630 SparkPoints: (44,671)
Fitness Minutes: (44,270)
Posts: 548
1/1/14 5:57 P

My feet! emoticon

LIBRARIANLITE SparkPoints: (38,419)
Fitness Minutes: (62,153)
Posts: 10
1/1/14 5:43 P

A variety of workout DVDs can be your best friend, and as others have mentioned, a lot of libraries have them available to check out. You can get ones that focus on strength, flexibility, aerobic exercise or anything in between. All you likely will need for most of the workouts are a set of handweights to go with that mat you have.

In the end though, whatever you think you will be able to consistently do is going to be the best piece for you. I waited a good long time before investing in a treadmill because I wanted to make sure that walking/running (particularly indoors during the winter) was something that I was going to commit to and continue doing. It's no fun when something becomes a glorified clothing stand.

TKDGIRL23 SparkPoints: (6,733)
Fitness Minutes: (6,714)
Posts: 52
1/1/14 4:53 P

My kettlebell is my first love but I also love the Universal gym machine that my husband surprised me with!

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MYOWNHERO Posts: 1,157
1/1/14 4:27 P

My smartphone. I can find videos for any kind of routine and it's easy to track.

SGCSVCEEC SparkPoints: (8,076)
Fitness Minutes: (4,860)
Posts: 71
1/1/14 3:34 P

I like my Wii. It makes fitness fun.

1/1/14 3:26 P

yoga mat & blocks, resistance bands, 3 & 5 lb weights

BULLRN58 Posts: 70
1/1/14 3:11 P

free wts

1/1/14 2:27 P

The only thing I own right now is a mat and a two weights of 1.5 kg. I like the weights!
I'm dreaming of getting a stationary bike so I don't need to bike outside when there's ice on the roads, or when it rains.

HHUGHES71 SparkPoints: (104,324)
Fitness Minutes: (51,729)
Posts: 5,100
1/1/14 2:11 P


FIELDWORKING SparkPoints: (29,946)
Fitness Minutes: (64,745)
Posts: 748
1/1/14 12:46 P

I don't own one yet, but the rowing machine would be my favorite if I owned it. I guess my favorite would be my bike; my shoes (for walking/jogging); and my hiking boots.

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1/1/14 7:22 A

If I can only pick one thing it would have to be my powerblocks. I love my Powerblocks! My set goes from 5-50 lbs in 5 lbs increments. I was lucky enough to find them on a local buy/sell website a few years ago for a great price.

Free weights are the most versatile piece of equipment you can own. You can work any part of the body with them and there are so many different exercises you can do.

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SERENE-BEAN Posts: 1,413
1/1/14 12:31 A

To tell the truth, it's my Spark Activity Tracker, but I love the Bowflex and my walking shoes, too.

KAMCCLARY Posts: 1,311
12/31/13 11:00 P


Fitness Minutes: (34,362)
Posts: 28
12/31/13 10:38 P

Honestly? My wii fit. There are so many 'games' that keep my workouts from getting boring. Everything from strenuous strength exercises to fun dancing for cardio!

KEASEB SparkPoints: (46,504)
Fitness Minutes: (35,869)
Posts: 36
12/31/13 8:58 P

Elliptical. They are not cheap but give an excellent workout without putting any strain on your joints. With two hip replacements this piece of equipment is a winner! Mine is a Nordic track.

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
Fitness Minutes: (85,068)
Posts: 3,415
12/31/13 8:08 P


MRSCLARK Posts: 590
12/31/13 7:59 P

stationary bike so I can do it while watching tv emoticon

MUFFINK1 Posts: 14
12/31/13 7:53 P

DVD player, Anything by The Firm. Weights included.

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AMPROSKE1 SparkPoints: (65,348)
Fitness Minutes: (58,650)
Posts: 946
12/31/13 7:00 P

I love my treadmill. It has a lot of smart features that keep me motivated.

But I also love my workout dvd's because you get a lot of variety. I do Leslie Sansone and Zumba.

210014631 SparkPoints: (35,652)
Fitness Minutes: (10,227)
Posts: 1,400
12/31/13 4:56 P

Les Mills CDs

I am doing weights - successfully for the first time

12/31/13 4:50 P

I'd add in some weights! I currently have two 3lb and two 5lb. Strength training is a great addition to cardio for weight loss and who doesn't want to be stronger than they are now? They're great for small exercises throughout the day and Coach Nicole has some great workout videos incorporating weights.

I really like my stability ball as well for hyper extensions which are AMAZING at killing love handles, but I haven't used it for anything else... There are tons of videos and things here and around the internet though. One con for the stability ball is that it's really big, so you'll need somewhere to store it. I currently have it in my closet, but I've also had it hanging from a hook with a set of bungee cords

TRIATHLETEGIRL SparkPoints: (55,853)
Fitness Minutes: (60,600)
Posts: 356
12/31/13 4:22 P

I was going to say jumprope. They are cheap and they are one of the most strenuous, heart-pounding exercises you can do. And of course you start small and work your way up to 10 minutes or something.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (195,741)
Fitness Minutes: (291,913)
Posts: 26,957
12/31/13 4:03 P

Do you like DVD workouts ? If you're not sure what to buy, you don't have to buy anything. Instead, go to your local library and borrow some DVDs. Your local library is not only a great resource for books, but you can borrow DVDs and CDs too. So, if there is a DVD you'd like to try, but not sure if you want to buy it, check your library first.

If you're looking for an inexpensive piece of exercise equipment, I'm going to encourage you to buy a set of resistance bands. Resistance bands are a great way to strength train at home. You don't need to do a lot to start, Coach Nicole has some short routines you could try.

Do you do any walking ? Walking is great cardiovascular exercise. So, if you don't want to go to a gym, why not walk ? I'm a big fan of walking. I walk everywhere. All you'd need is a decent pair of walking shoes. And I would encourage you do get fitted for a decent pair.

KELAN5 SparkPoints: (56,855)
Fitness Minutes: (82,413)
Posts: 208
12/31/13 3:13 P

My treadmill is my BFF!

HMILLY2020 Posts: 587
12/31/13 12:56 P

Resistance bands. They come in a variety of heaviness, they're flexible so you can do multiple typs of exercises and they can be easily be put out of sight.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (106,255)
Fitness Minutes: (106,396)
Posts: 3,849
12/31/13 12:44 P

Resistance bands. They're really versatile for strength training and they take up very little space. You can even tuck them into your suitcase when you travel!

TSB1124 Posts: 155
12/31/13 12:17 P

I'm asking because I currently don't own anything other than a mat. I have been working out more at home and at the gym but would like to have some variety at home. I'm trying to decide what to add to expand the exercise possibilities. Could you please share what is your favorite home exercise equipment and why?

Thank you

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