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11/28/12 1:42 A

I just found another website that sells the cutest clothes called The Funky Cowgirl. I LOVE their jeans especially!

Here's another one

I checked out American Eagle and the lingerie one someone mentioned...I loved those! Thanks for all the new places for me to shop and browse! It just makes losing weight a lot more fun when you can fantasize wearing some of this stuff!

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11/27/12 10:13 P

I'm usually shopping on a budget so I like TJ Maxx and Kohl's. Old Navy was my go-to place back when I was plus-sized, I still shop there pretty often but oddly enough I liked their plus-sized stuff better! I have never heard of Maurice's before but I checked it out and wow! REALLY cute stuff! I think I know where I'm going shopping once I reach my next goal... thanks for the recommendation!

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11/27/12 10:07 P

American Eagle

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11/27/12 9:01 P

I found an awesome website with super sexy and cute clothing in sizes up to 6 X some even go to 12X. They have evening gowns, club wear, lingerie. Its
The only problem is they are wickedly expensive, but the stuff is awesome. If I had some extra money to spend on just me, I would so be shopping there.

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11/27/12 8:45 P

I don't have a favorite clothing store. Walmart doesn't carry anything except for shoes in my size. Kmart doesn't carry clothing big enough for me nor does Dollar General. We have a GAP outlet locally and a JCPenney's but they don't carry my size except for shoes. Maurice's is the high end boutique here and they do not carry my size either. I have tried the Salvation Army thrift store and a locally owned consignment shop and 99 percent of the time cant find a thing that fits. The only store that has some stuff I can fit into is Catherines but the nearest store is a 2 day drive away. I can't shop online because it is so hard to judge the fit. It gets too expensive to have to send stuff back all of the time. Most of the time I have to buy fabric at Joanne's and make my clothing. There never are any patterns in my size, so I have to play around with smaller ones and try to enlarge them, but usually that doesn't turn out well. I suck at fashion design and sewing, so what I wear isn't flattering usually.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,354
11/27/12 5:20 P

I LOVE Maurices! When I do hit my goal weight, I want to go on a shopping spree and that store is one of the places I'll stop. I also love everything from Forever 21 (which I've NEVER been able to shop at). Even though my sole motivation isn't for looks, it certainly is motivation!

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11/27/12 4:34 P

I like Dress Barn and CJ Banks. Both have women's sizes in different areas, but the smaller clothes are SOOOOO much cuter.

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11/27/12 12:21 P

I can't wait to get new clothes when I reach my goal weight! That is one of my motivations! My favorite store is Maurices because they have the cutest clothing in all sizes!! But I wanted to get new ideas of where to shop, where do you love to shop? Leave a link if there is one!

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