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7/11/12 11:34 A

I was given the Zumba game. I just love it! My daughter and I was doing it just last night for exercise. It's so much fun and your right I broke a serious sweat.

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7/11/12 8:09 A

Just Dance 3

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7/11/12 4:02 A

The Tiger Woods golf for Kinect was actually quite integral to getting me on my healthy journey...with a chronic bad back and severe weight issue, getting active at the beginning was going to be difficult. How to start getting fit when many of the activities to get me fit would aggravate my back? Of course losing weight in the kitchen was 1/2 the battle, but the kinect golf, playing 1 or 2 full rounds a day, loosened and strengthened my back just enough to kick start me. Now I'm walking 8km/day and rollerblading 15km/day.

My wife and I also play Dance Revolution on Kinect...that's a fun, goofy workout too.

7/10/12 10:23 P

I just got a Kinect the yesterday and i'm wondering what games are good? So far all i've played is the game that it came with and i'm not all that impressed to be honest. I've had a Wii for a couple years and have a WiiFit, but have been hearing how great the Kinect is. I've done the Zumba for Kinect once with a friend and it really made me break a sweat, so i'm inclined to go out and buy it but thought i'd get some opinions first.

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