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5/4/11 8:52 P

I found a recipe on here awhile back for sweet potato and black bean chili, and it was world-changing. I now make my own usual recipe chili, substituting cubed sweet potatoes for any meat and switching all the beans to black beans. It's easy to make, smoky, spicy, slightly sweet, super hearty, low fat, high fiber, very filling, and vegetarian. It can be really versatile, too. I fold some into a whole wheat tortilla for a wrap, or serve it over brown rice. My husband likes it tossed with elbow mac.

So, yeah, my favorite recipe evolved from a Spark recipe for sweet potato chili. I seldom make things more than two or three times a year, and this is on a monthly rotation at least.

My second favorite is an Asian chicken salad, with grilled chicken over shredded cabbage, lettuce, cucumber ribbons, shredded carrot, cashews, pineapple chunks, and a very light dressing of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, a bit of honey, some of the juice from the pineapple, and sesame oil. It too is easy, filling and versatile. I love things with complex textures and flavors, I guess.

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4/23/11 1:34 A

Nutella Banana Crunch

One slice Ezekiel bread & one Quaker Apple Cinnamon Rice Cake spread with 2 Tbsp Nutella Hazelnut Spread & lay on the sliced Banana.. An awkward looking yet really tasty sandwich at about 430 calories.

4/22/11 8:43 A

One of my favs is a spinach, tomato, garlic, and feta egg beater omlette! But I have many favs, I just love food! emoticon

4/21/11 10:40 P

For me it depends on my mood. Tonight it was "Curry chicken with rice and vegetable".
It doesn't have to be from sparkpeople, just one that you love and are asked again, and again for :)
If you could post a link that would be great!

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