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4/15/13 11:23 A

Downfall: sweets

What I do, I have made some better choices, for example, I was traveling this weekend (long car ride) and needed a snack and was dying for junk. I had a chocolate dipped grandola bar. No, this wasn't terribly healthy, but it was better than grabbing a 200+ more calorie hershey's or snickers. So, I'm okay with it!

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4/15/13 11:05 A

Natural peanut butter

Strategy to Overcome it:
Only eat it WITH something else (like apple or banana) so I have to cut something up/prepare in order to eat the PB. I can just inhale it from the jar, and that is getting me NOwhere!

On the bright side SELENITYLUNARE! Laughing Cow cheese is SO GOOD!! You can eat it on really anything you would eat sliced cheese on.

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4/15/13 1:26 A

I just thought it might be nice if we shared with each other how we overcome our 'downfalls'. Maybe we can get some tips and get motivated to overcome them!

Here's how it works:

State your downfall:

Strategy to overcome it:
Reduce my sliced cheese intake but eat the Laughing Cow / Weight Watchers cheese wedges

It might also be nice to give a word of encouragement or a suggestion to the poster before you.


What is your downfall?

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