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What is your best strategy when you slip a little?

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7/15/13 11:26 A

I like Miss Ruth's wording too.

I pick myself up and keep going and don't (or try not to) look back.

Posts: 25
7/15/13 1:21 A

Thank you! that is a super good strategy! Today I had a small slip up. But for me the most important part is that once you do it, you have to do your best to not eat anything unhealthy (If you had a piece of cheesecake, it doesn't mean that you can have fried potatoes or more sweets). It always comes to the question: Is this one more bite more important that all your work, dedication and dreams?

Posts: 89
7/15/13 1:15 A

To be honest, I kind of enjoy the occasional slip-ups. Not just because of the eating/drinking etc., but because it teaches you a lot in the long run.

For me, no tolerance for a slip-up condition implies a diet - temporary, inordinately unrealistic and most likely unsustainable. On the other hand, we are here to adopt a lifestyle - and the real life has its ups and downs, constant temptations, even people who will sabotage your efforts despite meaning good.

My first strategy is to write down what caused the slip-up. I often try to immerse myself in the same situation, just to be sure I can cope with it the next time. Never forget that you can undo the effects of a binge by upping your exercise and lowering your calories during the following days. However, most of the time, we cannot avoid to confront similar situations (how long can we ignore gatherings where food is galore?) and it is best to work on prevention rather than treatment.

A second strategy (rather unconventional for most) is to create a tempting environment. I always have treats and unhealthy food at home , because that is how it will be when you leave your comfort zone. You can have veggies, lean meat, nuts, fruits etc. and throw away all the junk - but there will come a day when you won't have control over the treats your coworker brings to the office or the delicious pasta your husband will order on a night out.

And a third strategy - plan the occasional treat. Don't deprive yourself of what you love, just incorporate it into your routine by adjusting the remaining calories or your exercise ahead etc. You'll find it interesting that a planned cheat meal causes less guilt than an unplanned slip-up - because with cheat meal, most people have a built-in mitigation plan (i.e the reduced remaining calories, or the additional mile you already ran to make room for that thin slice of cake).

Hope these help. Both for treatment and prevention.

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Posts: 257
6/20/13 8:12 P

I'm so glad this topic is here. I came on to look for ways to combat this: "Well I already ruined my diet by eating half a pizza for dinner, so I'm going to just binge and eat cookies and ice cream for dessert. I'll get back on track tomorrow."

That little phrase has turned many a small slip into an avalanche of disaster. If I only meant to eat a few Cheez-Its and ended up eating the whole box, then I think about all the other junk food I normally won't eat and then I eat it. The day has already gone out the window in terms of nutrition, so......My house is pretty bare. By not having access to trigger foods, I do not slip, and if I don't slip, I don't binge.

But one day I'd like to be able to have a little scoop of frozen yogurt from the freezer and not eat the whole container.

Posts: 25
6/20/13 7:44 P

that is true! After I was reading an article about how that kind of thinking can ruin my best efforts, so I try to keep always that in mind :)

Posts: 3,240
6/20/13 12:48 A

Forgive myself; maybe try to figure out why I slipped & how to prevent another slip; then I move on.

Posts: 13,226
6/19/13 7:18 P

the big thing for me is not to beat myself up over it and not let it derail me long term.

Posts: 25
6/19/13 5:51 P

Thanks! Im trying to reduce my carbs and have more fruits, vegetables, nuts and god fats instead of just flour and sugar... So thank you :) I will think about what you just said (and have a biggg salad with egg whites!)

Have a nice day!

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Posts: 1,061
6/19/13 10:23 A

I saw a good quote that aligns with this:

Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other 3 tires because you got a flat.

SO true!! Just because you slip up doesn't mean your next day or your next MEAL even has to follow suit!

Posts: 5,472
6/19/13 9:54 A

bad day yesterday no exercise and mindless eating, today I will be back on track

Posts: 7,942
6/19/13 8:47 A

I realize that it was a slip and know that there is always a brand new beginning.

Posts: 25
6/18/13 2:10 A

Thanks!!! That has been the only reason why I'm still dieting and really trying my best to have a healthy lifestyle that makes me feel beautiful! Sometimes its been super hard but you just remember me how important this is for me!

Posts: 25
6/18/13 2:08 A

I've never actually try that, although I saw that tip before :) I will do it!

Posts: 25
6/18/13 2:05 A

That is an absolute truth!

Posts: 25
6/18/13 2:04 A

Thanks! I guess that sometimes just go on is the best strategy!

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Posts: 2,447
6/16/13 12:48 P

We all slip a little (or a lot). The important thing to keep in mind is NEVER quit on yourself! The MOST valuable lesson is to keep one foot in front of the other. Best wishes!

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Posts: 1,979
6/16/13 12:04 P

Well said, MISSRUTH!

One thing that really resonated with me (I saw it on a msg board post about a week ago):
"You are always one choice away from being on track."

This crystallizes it and really hones it in for me.

I had a ridiculously dumb comfort eating thing going on yesterday...
But now, I just had the most wonderful FF Greek yogurt w/ straw, blue, black & raspberries plus white nectarines, w/ some sugar free sweetener on top for breakfast.

Went from dumb & dumber to YUM and yummer. In one choice!!! No need to wig out and eat the contents of my pantry today because I didn't *fall off my diet;* I'm not on one!!

I had an episode. That's all. It's part of life.
Lifestyle, baby; lifestyle.

Posts: 14,567
6/16/13 7:16 A

I tell myself I'm just going to take a quick walk around the block, that I don't have to do anything about my food or my regular exercise program...just gonna walk around the block.

That walk makes me feel good. Feeling good makes me want to feel good again. So I walk a bit farther. And that makes me feel even better. So I eat steamed vegetables with my dinner. And that makes me feel even better.

Before you know it, I'm back to eating the right amount of the right kinds of food and moving my behind enough to sweat.

Posts: 3,366
6/16/13 6:53 A

The only "mantra" I've got is-- I do not fail because I do not quit. Every time I've slipped or stumbled or even completely gone off the rails here, I've gotten myself back on track as quickly as I could, and continued on. Because this isn't just a diet; it's a lifestyle for me.

Edison tried to make a light bulb many many times, before he got one to work. He did not fail, because he did not quit. He learned a little something from every unsuccessful go. And now when we think of Edison, we don't think of all the lightbulbs that didn't work-- we only remember the one that did.

Posts: 2,667
6/16/13 6:09 A

Rather than focusing on it, which you say may result in a one-time becoming a three-day event, just go ahead from here, and plan your meals and snacks according to the foods that are best for you and your health.

Sorry, no mantras or real "intelligent" strategies from here. I just try to remain consistent.
If I allow myself indulgences such as you did; then I just put it behind me and continue on.

Posts: 25
6/16/13 4:55 A

Hi, yesterday was a little bit weird... Although during the day I was super good with my diet, by the end I decided to "try a little bit" and ended eating an apple covered with caramel and some Chinese rice (you know, with vegetables and meat BUT fry :/).
I know that once a week is ok to eat a little bit more, but the truth is that after a few bites of the apple I wasn't hungry anymore I just thought that it was delicious and I don't feel super bloated.

However I've been fighting for years with binge eating and finally I'm winning! So I was wondering some strategies that could help.

For example what I do usually is:
-The next day I eat clean, meaning oats no flour if possible and a lot of protein (a shake for snack)
-Stick to the routine, don't think about it it will be a real failure if I let this small thing become a 3 day binge!

Sometimes this doesn't work... So I just wondered your motivation self-mantras to keep you on track!

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