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I realize that if you weren't raise with eating vegetables, that maybe you don't like them, or don't eat them. After World War II, many people were hungry, and vegetables were a luxury, almost like now with our economy. many people ate just meat, bread, and potatoes or rice as a filler food. some people still do. This type of eating leads to gull bladder, or prostate cancer. you need fiber to move your bowel, rid the body of toxins, and strengthen all organs in the body. Without the enzymes in vegetables you couldn't break down protein as well,. yet some fruits do somewhat. Minerals is what feed your hair, skin, heart, bones, lungs, and ect..Without the minerals which deliver chlorophyll (oxygen) to the body, you body could not fight off any invaders like viruses, fungus, or diseases. They are your soldiers to fight the disease war. I know it is hard to try to eat things that you have no idea how to fix. yet if you try or sneak them into meals, you will be surprised how full you feel, and that you have more energy. Like anything in life you need to find recipes to enhance what ever vegetable you have. I am not a vegetarian. I just can't image my life without the variety in vegetables that I eat. Good luck, Learn to enjoy what is healthy for you. Otherwise you are going down a slippery slope. So, what's your favorite vegetable? & how do you make it briefly-one sentence or less please. eva

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