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3/8/10 5:26 P

Smart Balence

3/8/10 5:21 P

Real butter, for sure is the healthiest, based on my thinking that if you couldn't pick, gather, hunt or milk it you shouldn't eat it (i.e., no processed foods).

Tons of butter is no good but a bit for flavor is long as you write it down and account for it in your food plan.

I use pan spray for cooking and save the butter to eat. One pat of butter sure turns a drab dish of steamed veggies into a princely dinner!

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3/8/10 4:51 P

Smart Balance actually has health benefits. Tastes pretty good too. Just use it in moderation--it does have fat and calories.

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3/8/10 4:16 P

I also like Brummel and Brown spread with yogurt. I tried Promise lite, and it turned out to have very similar nutritional information, and I just prefer the taste of Brummel and Brown.

However, apparently Brummel and Brown does have partially hydrogenated oil in it (less than .5 of trans fats, so they can say "0 trans fats per serving").

Smart Balance is probably one of the healthiest, since it has no trans fats or hydrogenated anything, and no cholesterol. The lite version has 1.5g of saturated fat. Personally, I don't like the flavor or texture of this though (doesn't spread well).

If you use butter, it has a lot of saturated fat (7g as compared to 1g in the two spreads mentioned), and 30 mg of cholesterol. Use any spread in moderation. (I should listen to my own advice!) :)

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3/8/10 2:51 A

peanut butter... but in moderate quantity

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3/8/10 2:18 A

I love smart balance light. it tastes great and it's 0 trans fat

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3/7/10 12:42 P

I like Land o Lakes Unsalted Whipped Sweet Cream butter, based on a recommendation from the Eat This, Not That! Supermarket Edition book. I don't know that it's the healthiest, but I find that I use less of it than my previous butter (Land o Lakes Spreadable Butter w/ Canola oil) but get the same taste. I don't use butter that often, so I don't beat myself up over using the real butter.

For butter substitutes, my parents really like Smart Balance - I'm also a fan. Brummel & Brown is also great, as previously mentioned!

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3/7/10 12:05 P

this has been debated but i stay away with anything with hydrogenated oils. actually real butter isnt all THAT bad in very small amounts. When just cooking eggs or egg whites in a fry pan use fat free spray etc. Watching the fats is the key. :) Smart Balance is usually good for spread on toast etc. Some find it hard to actually cook with, and can be pricey depending on some's budgets.

Good Luck


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3/7/10 12:02 P

my favorite is Brummel in Brown in terms of taste/health. It'a about the same as I can't Believe it's Not Butter, but the B&B has a little bit of a sweeter taste that I like.

Serving Size: 1 tbsp; Calories: 45, Total Fat: 5g, Carbs: 0g, Protein: 0g

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3/7/10 11:44 A

Anyone know a healthy choice on butter type spreads?

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