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emoticon Thanks! We love our potatoes!

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My 10 year old (!) showed me a great potato cutting trick: cut the potato in half lengthwise, cut each half in half lengthwise, cut each quarter in half lengthwise, and just keep cutting the pieces in half lengthwise, turning them over if you need to. You get beautiful rectangular fries. Works like a charm! I just scrub the sweet potatoes and leave the peel on, yum.

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8/2/13 11:41 P

emoticon I will try it this week

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The inside of jicama is uniform, so the hard part is really just getting the skin off. I usually cut it in half so it sits flat, and gently trim the skin off as thinly as possible by running the knife along the curve from the top/center towards the cutting board. Sweet potatoes are easier to peel with a peeler, because their skin isn't as tough (though tougher than white potatoes.) One they're peeled you can slice/dice them whatever size fits your recipe.

For slicing fries I like to cut planks and then cut them into strips. This keeps them from being wobbly, and keeps me from cutting myself!

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emoticon I like jicama and how good it is for you, but I don' t buy it because it is so difficult to cut. I also like sweet potato fries but it is such a struggle to it them. How do cut these?

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