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2/3/14 8:00 P

NIRERIN accurately provided the facts about these 2 Sparkpeople nutrition selections.


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2/3/14 7:21 P

This isn't to do with your question, but since I'm here reading anyway -- double check your weight goal and settings. It looks like the tracker in your sig might be in kilograms instead of pounds, and if the program settings themselves have the same mistake your recommendations for calories will be off.

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2/3/14 4:18 P

If you ever saw a diet plan that talked about "net carbs," that's pretty much what SparkPeople means by "carbs for low-carb diet."

It has kind of fallen by the wayside in popularity, but it can come in handy to give you an idea of how much junk food you're eating. If your "carbohydrate" and your "carbs for low-carb diet" are very close to the same, you're probably eating more sugar and white flour, etc, than you really should. If there's a big difference in the two numbers, then you're probably eating more fruit, veggies, legumes, and whole grains. If you're worried about "too many carbs," focus more on lowering the "carbs for low carb" number than on the total carbs.

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2/3/14 2:05 P

oh okay thank you

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2/3/14 1:58 P

carbs if the total amount of carbs you eat. carbs for low carb is the total amount of carbs less fiber.

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2/3/14 1:34 P

Well I have them both on my nutritional tracker and the both have different amounts.

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2/3/14 1:31 P

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2/3/14 1:22 P

What's the difference between Carbs (for low-carb diet) and cabohydrates?

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