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6/21/11 8:38 P

Thanks a lot, guys! emoticon

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6/21/11 9:45 A

A calorie to a physicist is a small unit of energy - it would not be meaningful in terms of your diet. Therefore, food is measured in terms of kilocalories (1000 cal). The abbreviation for this dietary Calorie is therefore kcal, but they mean the same thing.
1 kcal = 1 dietary Calorie = 1000 calories (in a Physics lab).
A dietary Calorie is abbreviated kcal, a physics calorie is abbreviated cal.

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6/21/11 9:35 A

The calories listed on food is actually kilocalories but is most commonly shortened to calories.

A kilocalorie is actually 1000 calories so it's not the most accurate thing to abbreviate it that way

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6/21/11 4:52 A

Thanks Guys... Now I understand. It's really confusing. Hehehe. emoticon

6/21/11 12:57 A

Sooo it means they are same. When it indicates kcal, it means calories too?? Because I saw some conversion of kcal and calories in the net. Kcal is equivalent to 1000 calories.

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6/21/11 12:52 A

Thanks! I was wondering that too!

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6/21/11 12:50 A

They are the same thing. Kcal means kilocalories and calories is just another shorter way of saying it. Easy peasy!

6/21/11 12:43 A

I'm confused between kcal and calories because some of the nutritional facts from the food indicates kcal and some are calories. Are they both same? I already read it at wikipedia that they both the same. Could you please help me to discuss it further? Thanks.

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