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What is the craziest diet you have ever heard of?

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Posts: 229
3/13/13 4:09 P

In my opinion, I think that all diets these days are crazy. Some may sound ok in the long run, but people need to learn to exercise and eat better. I know I will probably get slammed for this (because I usually do), but the one thing I desperately HATE is bariatric surgery (my apologies to anyone who has had it done). To me, that is not the way to go. Most people have to lose weight to begin with to get the surgery done and on top of that, they have to eat at a certain time and eat certain things. If you can lose the weight to have the surgery, you don't need it. To me most people want it done because they don't want to do it the regular way (again, my apologies as I know there are people who struggled with the decision and are doing great). I am very opinionated on this and 'm sorry if I offended anyone-I didn't mean to.

Posts: 13,499
3/13/13 3:26 P

I had forgotten about The Feeding Tube diet. I bet those women who go on it, do it because they ordered their dress several sizes too small. Which is incredibly foolish to begin with, when you consider that formal sizes are vastly different from street clothes sizes.

I bet they give new meaning to the term Bridezilla.

Posts: 1,489
3/13/13 11:51 A

The Tapeworm Diet, the Master Cleanse, the tongue patch, and jaw-wiring are some of the most extreme that I have heard of. I think any diet is crazy though, because they all get you to the same place: feeling deprived and unprepared for weight loss maintenance. Some people swear by diets, but you can't help but gain all the weight back when you begin to eat normally. Pure insanity.

Posts: 265
3/13/13 11:43 A

I have heard of many crazy diets. Never tried any (I like real food too much). I think the Master Cleanse (lemonade, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup) is one of the weirdest, yet most promoted ones. The feeding tube one creeps me out. Just the thought of a tube up my nose. Yuck! I can't imagine the trauma people are doing to their bodies with these "diets."

Posts: 333
3/13/13 11:36 A

WOW that is very odd information about the no fruit detox. I have never heard such a thing and would definitely not believe it if I was told. I have at least two fruits every day per my cardiologist.

I think the craziest one I ever heard of is the one where you have only bananas and milk one entire day ... can't remember the other day requirements but

Posts: 918
3/13/13 11:20 A

While the "diet" itself I heard of this morning isn't the dumbest/craziest, I think it ranks because it came from a personal train who claims to be "top of her field" in nutrition.

The no fruit detox diet. It eliminates all fruit- no tomatoes, no hazelnuts, no berries, no avocado, no olives, no melons, no squash, and also no meat of any sort, or caffeine.

She told me with utter seriousness that fruit and sugars are deadly to all humans and we should never eat them.

Sadly, that was the beginning of my 30 minute session and things just went downhill from there. Needless to say, I won't be seeing her again and I lodged a complaint with the YMCA about her.

Posts: 3,276
3/13/13 10:59 A

Well, I reckon "crazy" and "stupid" could actually be the same thing?

sigh. Unfortunately, it almost seems like they're still coming up with stuff. For crazy, I'd say tapeworm diet. Ingesting a parasite on purpose, in hopes of losing weight, is downright crazy.

Anything from Dr. Oz-- well that just seems to be stupid. Detox, raspberry ketones, green tea extract... he keeps 'em coming.

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Posts: 9,569
3/13/13 10:52 A

There's the food tube diet. It's mostly used by brides. They get a food tube installed, and "eat" a few hundred calories a day, literally starving themselves.

It's insane. The strangest thing is the people you see on it, that are interviewed about it? Are *already* a normal body weight.

Disordered eating at its "best".

Posts: 18
3/13/13 9:56 A

I don't even know where to start about how shocked I am at those diets.
Tapeworms? Really? I knew a girl in school that had one and it did not seem pleasant, it is shocking that people would do it to themselves!
And the cigarette diet? That is ridiculous! I couldn't even say how appalling that is or I'd run out of characters emoticon

Posts: 2,244
3/12/13 7:42 P

Well there's plenty of oddball things floating around these days... but at least we no longer have The Cigarette Diet....


Edited by: BUNNYKICKS at: 3/12/2013 (19:42)

Posts: 13,499
3/12/13 6:48 P

I have heard of The Tapeworm Diet. I saw it on a show. The women bought the pill,it was billed as the only diet pill you will ever need. And one day she took a nap and had this weird feeling in her nose. She woke up an the tape worm was *crawling out of her nose*

The other crazy diet I heard of was hCG.

And there are so many more.

Posts: 11,848
3/12/13 5:35 P

Frankly at the moment nearly every third post on this message board!!!

its full of Dr Oz (who this is I don't know and wont expend my time to find out) prompted rubbish about cleanses, lemon tea fasts, juices, more cleanses, shakes and some more cleanses just in case you are not sold on that hookum yet.

My favourite fad diet actually is a REALLY old one, I'm not sure (but wouldn't be surprised if it was back) its been used again by even the most desperate...

but TAPE WORMS!! emoticon

Yup, people used to ingest a tape worm egg on purpose to let that grow and starve them of nutrients... Edwardian/Victorian era I believe.

Posts: 18
3/12/13 5:31 P

Firstly, I am very sorry if this is in the wrong forum or if this has been done before. If so, and the mods wish to remove this thread please proceed in doing so!

I was curious today about the crazy crash diets people have heard of and/or done themselves. I, myself, tried the baby food diet for a day and a half at the very most before I ordered the biggest pizza I could get delivered in my area. I also tried the porridge diet, which wasn't awful because I love porridge but the lack of variety got to me.

I have since started a lifestyle change with a nutritious and healthy diet and also Zumba as exercise 6-7 days a week.

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