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4/6/13 10:36 A

Today's issue: leg day and I hate doing legs.

The bright side: At 50 I have a hard round butt and it looks really good....BEACAUSE OF LEG DAYS!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............

FLIPCHICK14 Posts: 1,645
4/6/13 8:24 A

I have 2 projects for school that I am really stressed about...but they are the only things left that separate me from graduation :)

DIDS70 Posts: 5,079
4/5/13 8:37 A

why do people always tend to look at the negative side? I see it on SP and certainly on FB all the time.
Even in the most terrible time there is always more than a glimmer of hope.

KKKAREN SparkPoints: (216,730)
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4/5/13 6:11 A

The only issue I have today is if I'm going to be rained out of my walk. The bright side is we need the rain and I can walk later.

ANGHARAD3 Posts: 966
4/5/13 6:11 A

I am doing a presentation today but after it is over, I am done for 6 months.

HEALTHY4UNI SparkPoints: (12,381)
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4/5/13 4:22 A

Learning to find the bright side in every circumstance can help improve your outlook on life!
It's easier to move forward when your not stuck looking backwards!

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