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3/12/13 7:51 A

I freeze mine as I buy HUGE bunches from the local Turkish shop, so cheap compared to supermarkets, they then crumble into dishes just fine, but no good as a final topping/finish to a dish.

3/11/13 2:25 P

This link from cooperative extension will tell you how to dry OR freeze your herbs.


BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/11/13 1:20 P

I store my cilantro in a cup of water in the fridge, with the produce bag it came home in loosely wrapped over top. It lasts very well for over a week this way). Parsley would work well this way also.

Basil is tricky - it doesn't seem to do as well in the cup-of-water, and the more you handle it/expose it to air, the more quickly it droops and goes brown. So, I just leave it in the bag it comes in, and handle it carefully, and use it up as quick as I can (usually can get up to 5 days out of it before it's gone all limp and yuk).

The freezing trick given below is handy, but of course the reconstituted herbs will only be suitable for cooking, and not as a fresh garnish or topping.

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3/11/13 1:14 P

This is probably not what you were looking for, but if I needed to use up a bunch of herbs I'd probably make a big pot of vegetable stew.

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3/11/13 1:09 P

There are some containers that are considered herb keepers. I have a few of them since i sprout my greens.
You may want to try storing them between two papertowels and put them in a green bag or a chico bag. Again I got mine from WF or some local stores in my area.

I never buy or sprout more herbs than I can eat in a week. I sprout quite a bit and make sure that I am almost done with what I have before I sprout more.

I think you might be able to replant them as well. I have seen people regrow lettuce and carrots.

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3/11/13 1:07 P

You can stand them up in a glass of water. There also are special gadgets that do pretty much the same thing. Another option is to cut them up and put 1 tsp. in each ice cube tray section. Add water to cover and then freeze them.

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3/11/13 12:51 P

I have some fresh herbs in my fridge that are going to go bad before I can use them all. What is the best way to store them so I can use them up?

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