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What is the best low fat frozen yogurt out there

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Posts: 836
2/7/10 9:15 P

Has anyone ever been to Red Mango or Pinkberry or similar stores? Its all natural plain frozen yogurt, and you pick toppings to put on it. They have different types of fruits, cereal, granola, etc. It is SO good. It is a great alternative for going out for ice cream!

Posts: 3
2/7/10 8:24 P

try Active Lifestyle fro-yo. It's delicious!

Posts: 465
1/19/10 10:12 A

I like the idea of freezing regular yogurt! I'm going to try it.

SparkPoints: (24,429)
Fitness Minutes: (26,433)
Posts: 730
1/19/10 9:55 A

Thank you for all the suggestions, I am going to try that idea to freeze the yogurt, maybe greek yogurt since its so much thicker....

SparkPoints: (24,277)
Fitness Minutes: (28,609)
Posts: 626
1/18/10 3:18 P

I adore TCBY frozen yogurt. They don't sell it in the grocery store (as far as I know), but if you go into a TCBY store, you can get some in a pint size to take home. They also have amaaazing ice cream cakes!

Posts: 419
1/18/10 2:58 P

I love Edy's Frozen Yogurt Blends. The Tart Mango is amazing, low in fat and calories! So yummy!

Posts: 231
1/18/10 2:11 P

I like Edy's Slow Churned Light.

SparkPoints: (34,746)
Fitness Minutes: (19,855)
Posts: 2,615
1/18/10 1:57 P

I enjoy edy's its so creamy and good

Posts: 291
1/18/10 12:47 P

It might be fewer calories and less fat to buy regular light yogurt and spoon it into an ice cube tray and freeze it, then blend the cubes into your protein shake. It will make it nice and thick like ice cream would and may be healthier.

SparkPoints: (24,429)
Fitness Minutes: (26,433)
Posts: 730
1/18/10 10:38 A

anyone got a suggestion here?

SparkPoints: (24,429)
Fitness Minutes: (26,433)
Posts: 730
1/17/10 3:31 P

I want to use low fat frozen yogurt in my protein shakes, but I dont want to stand in the frozen foods section reading lables for hours plus it will make me hungary so can you please give me suggestions?

Thank you

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