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8/17/12 8:01 P

You have already gotten some good suggestions. You know what you are doing and you KNOW what has worked for you in the past. I have had long periods of very slow (yeah, 15 pounds in 3 years is REALLY slow) weight loss BUT I have had other positive benefits when I worked toward a healthier lifestyle. Even though the scales don't show much shrinkage, my knees show a lot less pain, my blood sugar and blood pressure show a decline, my pants fit a bit better, looking in the mirror is an adventure (I have seen hidden parts of my anatomy that I have not seen in years - the fatty apron is gradually getting smaller and my skin in shrinking so there is less flabby hangover when I am done losing).

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8/17/12 7:06 P

when is the last time you had routine blood work done...esp your thyroid? and do you measure and track everything you put into your mouth? I mean everything! So many people think they know how many calories they are eating and until they start measuring and tracking it do they see they are not eating in deficit. 15lbs in 3 years sounds to me like you are eating at just below maintenance not deficit. Make sure your ranges are correct and that your fitness is accurate. If you are measuring, tracking and your ranges are correct then a trip to the doctors for routine blood work would definitely be my next step.

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8/17/12 3:54 P

Thank you both for your responses. I know that losing anything is something to be proud of and I am proud of that but I hate seeing it come back. I really want to reach my goal and am frustrated with not seeing any results. Last weekend when I climbed that mountain I would not have made it to the top if it hadn't been for my husband not allowing me to quit. It wasn't a very big mountain either probably but it was a steep climb.

I have been focusing on getting my water intake everyday but don't always get it all in. I bought the SparkPeople Cookbook last week and have been making recipes from there or the SP recipes almost everyday. So I am trying to make these changes gradually so that they stick.

As for the aches and pains I have been thinking about making an appointment but I am already seeing an Ob/Gyn and have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. Right now I am taking prenatal vitamins and going through the steps to get help. I have an appointment in a week with a fertility specialist for insemination to see if that is an option for me.

I appreciate all your kind words and support and will try to do better to keep my head up and stay on track.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
8/17/12 3:12 P

I think you may be being kind of hard on yourself. I mean, you climbed a mountain last weekend? I climbed a mountain, once. It was not a tall mountain but it tuckered me out for a week! I was getting pain in muscles I didn't know I had! That's what happens when you over-exert yourself!

Since you are trying to get pregnant, why not schedule a well woman checkup with your ob/gyn? Get nutritional advice & a checkup to get your body as healthy as it can be for pregnancy. Could it be that you are already pregnant? I know plenty of women with belly fat who have gotten pregnant, so I don't think that alone is going to prevent you from getting pregnant.

I agree stress might be a factor. Even happy events like being newly wed can have their stressors. Take things one step at a time. Good luck!

FARIS71 Posts: 492
8/17/12 2:54 P

Sounds like stress is a factor too. So you got married & had surgery in the last couple years and still managed to go down 15 pounds? Don't lose sight of that great victory. I have been up and down with the same 4 pounds for 6 months. You might want to check with a doctor about the aches and pains, especially if they are interfering with your daily activities. But whatever you do, don't quit. Maybe just focus on one small thing at a time. Getting enough rest. Drinking enough water. Doing something to relieve stress. Making a doctor appointment. Hang in there!!

AMANDEES76 SparkPoints: (44,447)
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8/17/12 1:55 P

I have been trying to lose weight for almost 3 years now and although I am currently at least 15 lbs. lighter than I was in the beginning that isn't much to show for such a long period of time. I started cooking on almost a daily basis around the same time that I started trying to lose weight which should help but doesn't. I have also gone from using the dinner plate to only using the sandwich plate and am very good about getting dinner done and eaten before 7 pm.

I like to workout and have been pretty good off and on over the 3 year periods but in the last year I have given my best efforts. The weight that I lost came in October and November of last year and I was walking first thing in the morning and then again in the evening if I could. I was also doing the Insanity workout and quit cooking anything other than eggs and veggies. Then I lost 20 lbs like nobodies business but then I had surgery on my toe and had to wait until after the new year to really exercise again. In that time I got married and started cooking with more variety again and have gained about 10 lbs back. In June I started doing the Insanity workout again and successfully completed 3 weeks prior to going on vacation for a week and a half. Once back from vacation I started right back in on the Insanity, from the beginning, but this time it kicked my butt and although I finished the first week I was unable to continue to complete week 2. It was weird though because I did fine before going on vacation and I wasn't lazy and I didn't over eat while on vacation so there was no reason to feel like I just couldn't do it. I was also getting cramps in my muscles that I didn't get before. Since then I have tried to walk every morning when I get up, at least around my block which is a little over a mile, but even that has been a challenge this week. I have aches and pains that I can't explain that are really starting to get on my nerves. I love to go out and do things that are active and even climbed a mountain last weekend so why am I having such a hard time just getting a couple miles of walking in a day?

I want to start a morning routine but have no idea what I should do. I really want to lose some weight because I am trying to get pregnant and have a feeling that my belly fat is what is inhibiting that. Any suggestions or guidance would be great. I feel like I am beating my head against the wall with this battle of the bulge.

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