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1/1/12 10:33 P motivates me everyday! The fitness posts always make me want to head to the gym!

1/1/12 9:33 P


This last year two people have constantly said things to try and discourage me from my goals.

Why are you wasting your time looking for a job that pays well there's no jobs out there? Sure there are jobs out there if you actually look for one, maybe not ones that pay 20-30 dollars an hour, but there is always plenty of work at mcdonalds, walmart, etc just gotta be willing to put forth some effort. This year, I found a nanny position that pays really well. I have really enjoyed my job and am currently looking for a second part-time job.

Why do you bother trying to find homes for shelter pets and spend time with animals who haven't a chance? I love taking care of animals who are helpless because I like to feel that I at least tried to help them and give them a few moments to feel loved and at peace. even if its just a few moments.

Why bother eating certain foods and exercising? Because we can live a longer and more healthiful life and enjoy more time doing things we love and time with ones we love.

People who tell me I can't accomplish my goals encourage me to keep trying because I like to show that I can come through anything with a lil elbow grease and effort.

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12/31/11 8:49 P

Excitement for new hope and promise in the new year

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12/31/11 8:36 P


DIANEWEB Posts: 209
12/28/11 1:37 P

Vacation is motivating me today. I have some time for myself, and I'm going to put it to good use. I am concentrating on getting started with Spark People.

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12/28/11 1:20 P

My children are motivating me today. Since Christmas Break, they have had me on the go. Shopping, and hunting for deals on sale. I love getting out, and I put on my shape-ups and HRM and go with the flow, and that's been my motivation, keeping up with my kids.

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12/28/11 12:59 P

I made it halfway through my lunch and realized that I was full. Strangely enough, this is motivating. Since before I could have finished that entire sandwich and a bag of chips and a soda.

I'm also going to a kickboxing class tonight. It kills me, but I love it.

12/28/11 12:03 P

I hope you are all having a fabulousWednesday!!! I'm staying motivated by reading articles online...and of course, picturing myself (a much lighter self) in a few months when I reach my goals...
I feel like this is MY chance to change...for good...for myself...:D Woohooo for motivation!

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