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C_DONE Posts: 233
3/9/13 7:01 P

Water, nuts, and usually a couple of pieces of excellent chocolate. A piece of fruit or two if doable. Having a little food has come in very handy quite a few times.

FUNSIZESANDY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (42,811)
Posts: 96
3/9/13 6:13 P

I am starting one today! Clementine, and small bag of nuts are going into my purse!

NONIE_C Posts: 3,344
3/9/13 4:45 P

I always take water with me, wherever I go, and I usually keep an emergency luna bar in the glove compartment of my car (s'mores is my personal favorite).

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
Fitness Minutes: (210,762)
Posts: 4,388
3/9/13 4:27 P

Salt-free rice cakes, teabags, 17 gram packets of peanut butter and my tape measure.

JENDAWN1973 SparkPoints: (1,546)
Fitness Minutes: (1,059)
Posts: 122
3/9/13 3:50 P

hand full of almonds and vitamin water

4DOLLS SparkPoints: (1,754)
Fitness Minutes: (1,875)
Posts: 2
3/9/13 1:58 P

Usually a water bottle and fruit. Sometimes celery and no salt peanut butter.

IOWADEB SparkPoints: (38,001)
Fitness Minutes: (24,183)
Posts: 1,188
3/9/13 1:52 P

I love these ideas. Love the pink tu-tu I have a jingling belly dancing scarf emoticon

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (266,985)
Fitness Minutes: (134,613)
Posts: 13,094
3/9/13 10:36 A

almonds balance bar

3/9/13 10:13 A

I don't have one, but will make one now. this is a great idea!

WORKOUTGRANNY54 SparkPoints: (2,218)
Fitness Minutes: (2,375)
Posts: 4
3/9/13 10:06 A

Always water, a protein shake, clementines or small apple, sugarless gum

3/9/13 12:55 A

A Kind Bar....usually apricot and almond or Dark Chocolate Protein. Truth is one of those or an Erin Baker Breakfast Peanut Butter cookie ends up being my breakfast or brunch.

MANDYC1207 SparkPoints: (5,551)
Fitness Minutes: (3,802)
Posts: 33
3/8/13 10:05 P

A Luna Bar. My recent favorite flavor is Chocolate Peppermint Stick!

SCUBADIVA26 Posts: 639
3/8/13 9:52 P

Always have water, and usually a Luna or Cliff bar in case of hunger emergency.

RICHARJ SparkPoints: (4,619)
Fitness Minutes: (430)
Posts: 372
3/8/13 1:57 P

I am on a greek yogurt I try to keep it around ...that and some fruit....

PUNKADOO Posts: 146
3/8/13 12:15 P

There is almost always an orange or a couple of clementines in my purse, or an apple. The citrus fruit handles getting banged around a bit better, lol. Bottled water or a diet coke are always handy too. The diet coke for the caffeine - I work long days.

SUSAN727 Posts: 1,876
3/8/13 10:41 A

Water and a fruit. I never thought too much about this before and I really need to.

3/8/13 10:28 A

During the summer I always have bottled water in the car in case we are out and about and get thirsty. Can't have them in the winter as they would freeze and explode. But I always carry my own personal water bottle whenever I leave the house.

For snacks, I keep 100 cal packs of dark choc covered fruit (for the sweet attack), 100 cal bags of baked chip type things (for the carb attack) and lara bars.

We spend a lot of our time in the car (both kids are competitive soccer players) and we also live outside of town so lot of driving just to get anywhere. Often we go past meal times so having snacks in the car means that we can snack semi-healthily without hitting fast food and making very bad choices.

If I know we're going to be out for most of the day then I will pack proper "meals" for eating rather than snacking.

CLARAELIZABETH1 SparkPoints: (17,198)
Fitness Minutes: (11,909)
Posts: 154
3/8/13 9:58 A

A bottle of water, but after reading all these, I'm going to be adding a few things!!!

SMILEYGRL28 Posts: 135
3/7/13 8:51 P

I never really thought about that. I always carry water with me but nothing really for snacks.

LAWLI56 Posts: 1,495
3/7/13 5:39 P

If I'm going to be away from home all day I take water, a banana, an apple, a couple of nairn's oatcake cookies (88 cals), sometimes a heinz baked bean snack pot and will probably pop into mcdonald's for a grilled chicken and salad wrap (375 cals) with a side salad and fruit bag.

I've also got anti-diarrhoea capsules (I'm lactose, fat and sugar intolerant), painkillers and my script drugs plus various supplements I have to take, my asthma inhalers and all the other junk we ladies like to carry. LOL

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ERICNJ28 Posts: 61
3/7/13 3:03 P

Turkey Jerky (no nitrates, of course)

CHOCVAN SparkPoints: (8,673)
Fitness Minutes: (5,114)
Posts: 81
3/7/13 9:24 A

Nuts, bandages, water

JESSAELINN SparkPoints: (22,120)
Fitness Minutes: (23,579)
Posts: 729
3/6/13 10:00 P

bandages of various sorts, canned food, water purifier tablets, extra clothes, sanitary napkins, whistle, compass, flashlight, batteries, eating utencils, ziplocks, soap, Advil, Tylenol, inhaler, cards

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,752
3/6/13 8:45 P

I usually carry a bar or two in my bag. At work, I have bars, cheese sticks, 100 cal Pringles, and usually some fruit leathers. I work on a large college campus, so lots of temptation if I leave my office.

SEAFLOAT SparkPoints: (8,886)
Fitness Minutes: (1,039)
Posts: 513
3/6/13 8:14 P

I always keep bottled water in my car and usually a protein bar in my purse.

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (261,740)
Fitness Minutes: (99,861)
Posts: 11,512
3/6/13 5:22 P

Fruit, nuts and Kashi bars (less processed than most).

MIZZKINS Posts: 120
3/6/13 5:10 P

A pink tu-tu and Scissor Sisters music.

MELJONES3478 SparkPoints: (15,754)
Fitness Minutes: (6,082)
Posts: 505
3/6/13 2:36 P

Carrots, apple, yogurt & a can of tuna.

NANAWILDCAT SparkPoints: (3,777)
Fitness Minutes: (1,741)
Posts: 16
3/6/13 1:46 P

I don't have a big need for an emergency kit, but I do keep a tin of cinnamon Altoids and a large bottle of water with me at all times, just in case I feel like I want something while I out.

3/6/13 12:03 P

I spend a great deal of time in my car for work... sometimes all day. I pack a cooler bag with little apples, carrots and hummus, 2 1oz portions of cheese. I often pack cold leftovers for lunch or a whole wheat pasta salad (homemade) with all sorts of veggies and a light tossing of dressing and will get a plain salad at the drive through and mix it up...

.If i don't have lunch it is the grilled chicken ceaser salad at wendy's I toss the croutons and only use 1/4 of the dressing.....

My little cooler bag saves my butt many times..... I also have 3-4 bottles of water with me or a refillable bottle that i top off at my offices I go to.

I drive 20,000 - 30,000 miles per year so it can be really easy to fall into the FF trap!!!

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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,618
3/6/13 10:04 A

fruits, water, and nuts.

NICKYCRANE SparkPoints: (84,930)
Fitness Minutes: (45,342)
Posts: 1,317
3/6/13 7:26 A

Water always. Normally I eat a snack before I go into town. Yesterday I went for a cholesterol test, fasting, so took a banana to eat on the way home. When travelling I take capuccino sachets, only time I use them, various kinds of tea bags, and fruit, mostly bananas and oranges. I may now start taking better breakfast casserole or quiche for longer journeys. When abroad, I eat the local food. I count cals to live, I don't live to count cals!

MOUNTAINMAIDEN SparkPoints: (2,343)
Fitness Minutes: (50)
Posts: 21
3/5/13 11:54 P

Water and diet coke, not healthy but no calories they are my crutches (emergency kit) emoticon emoticon

FISHER011 Posts: 1,603
3/5/13 8:43 P

I'm diabetic & try to always have a Glucerna snack bar or a quest bar & water always!

FIT4MEIN2013 SparkPoints: (144,741)
Fitness Minutes: (133,893)
Posts: 4,985
3/5/13 7:42 P

In my purse, I have a couple of 100 calorie packs of walnuts & almonds and I always have sugar-free sweetener. If I am heading out for the day, I grab a couple of cheese sticks.

In my desk drawer at work? You don't want to know! I was just cleaning it out and taking inventory this am. I have a jar of Jif creamy and one each of Planter's NUT-rition in Banana Granola (goes great on the chocolate rice cakes that are also in my drawer) and cinnamon raisin. I usually have a packet of tuna, but i see that is gone. There is a can of Chicken Noodle Soup and pars of beef and chicken broth powder. Bagel crisps, Whole wheat sesame bread sticks (they call them pretzels), the aforementioned chocolate rice cakes, Cheese-Its (reduced fat) and Pepperidge Farm 4 cheese Baked Naturals. Oops! And a jar of itty-bitty snack crackers (41 for 120 calories). Then I have a bag of mini chocolate chip cookies (they call them ice cream toppers, I call them life savers), Chocolate mint cookies and 3 (COUNT THEM!) 8.8oz Hershey bars. Then I have a box of some kind of chex mix and misc snacks like cotton candy, Special K cracker chips, Whoppers, etc.

NOW- I will eat a portion of the crackers/starches with the lunch that I pack every day. I have yet to touch the chocolate (except for 2T of the mini cookies) in the 3 months that I have worked here and had my drawer filled. Knowing that I *can* have them satisfies my feelings of satiety and l don't feel deprived.

TISTYEN Posts: 214
3/5/13 10:38 A

I always have water or tea with me in the car (unless I've scheduled a Starbucks run - Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce, Soy, no whip, YUM). After Carmageddon 2 years ago when it took me 9.5 hours to get home (and it's only a 23-mile commute), I keep two Glucerna Hunger Smart Snack Bars in my glove box and another in my purse just on general principles. Like Candypa, I'm a diabetic, and my doctor told me off for getting stuck that night with only a travel mug of water and two hard candies in my purse. (In my defense, I thought it would only take an extra hour, and would have if VDOT had lifted the HOV restrictions on I-66.)

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GIASBASH6260 Posts: 170
3/5/13 12:16 A

This is going to sound weird but my emergency kit includes: mussels, calamari (steamed), grilled grass-fed burgers, eggs, tinned tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines and protein powder (I mix it with enough water to make it like pudding! lol) - These things really save me! :)

CANDYPA Posts: 25
3/4/13 11:56 P

I am a diabetic, so snacks are important. I don't want to eat those sugar tablets if I have a low blood sugar. Fruit, vegies, nuts, or if I forgot to pack a snack a fast food restaurant is usually close. I don't want that option however too much calories, fat, carbs, and sodium.

ICANDI4U SparkPoints: (18,850)
Fitness Minutes: (30,385)
Posts: 861
3/4/13 11:40 P

kashi bars, almonds and raisins or walnuts and raisins.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (80,976)
Fitness Minutes: (46,905)
Posts: 5,092
3/4/13 10:25 P

I have water with me wherever I go, even the grocery store. If I take a day trip out of town to a mall, I'll take a banana, a baggie with almonds, baby carrots and/or sliced peppers, stuff like that.

AIREEULL SparkPoints: (7,128)
Fitness Minutes: (4,610)
Posts: 339
3/4/13 9:57 P

almonds and craisins! i always have them with me.

3/4/13 9:14 P

almonds as they can stay everywhere in a ziploc bag

3/4/13 7:58 P

When I am going on an hour or more drive, I always take water-if children with me I pack some granola bars.
Other than that, I don't need an emergency kit. I eat regularly, so no need for extra's.

MUFFINK1 Posts: 14
3/4/13 7:55 P

Goldfish are always in my purse and car.

3/4/13 7:26 P

I'm hypoglycemic, so snacks are a necessity. I like Larabars, Luna bars, almonds, peanut butter and an apple, triscuits, a banana; stuff that is OK to keep at room/car/purse temperature. I try to keep hard candies around in case of unexpected blood sugar crashes (sometimes I forget to eat) or sweet temptations.

Another thing I try to do is to know what I can eat at fast food restaurants without insane calorie counts. Most places serve salads with grilled chicken (or with no chicken) and carry at least one or two low-fat dressing options. Subway has quite a few low fat choices, whole grain bread, and apple slices; I like their oven roasted chicken on the whole wheat with no cheese, lots of veggies, black pepper, and mustard--It's under 400 calories for a 6-inch sub, tasty, and filling. With a side of apples and a medium iced tea or a bottled water, it's only $5. For just $1 and 370 calories, I can eat a bean burrito from Taco Bell, and it sticks with me, too.

Granted, the sodium can get out of control, but an over-salty meal is less likely to derail my eating plan than one with too many calories. And since I don't eat many processed foods usually, it isn't something I tend to worry about usually.

Brown bagging it is probably the best way to go, but sometimes we run into delays and end up gone far longer than we ever intended. And sometimes, my body isn't able to wait for me to get home to eat. Plus, by the time I'm in that much trouble, my brain doesn't work right and I'd make poor choices left to my own devices. So knowing my best options when out and about (plus having some cash tucked into my purse that I only use for emergencies) is my backup plan.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (241,190)
Fitness Minutes: (41,039)
Posts: 26,441
3/4/13 6:47 P

I always have healthy fibre bars in my bag in case I need them. I also have water in my bag and in my car. I usually have cut up fruit which I put into a snaplock bag, and sometimes a few nuts and couple dried figs, too. If I don't need them, that is great, but if I DO, then it saves me money and unwise choices.


3/4/13 5:48 P

I usually have a Fibre 1 100 cal bar and an apple on me if I think I'll get hungry when I'm out.

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 10,946
3/4/13 3:54 P

i have never considered bring snacks when i'm going on errands. i will take water when i have a long 2 hour or more drive to get some place, but in the local area, no. if i pass a meal time, i stop at wendy's or sonic.

3/4/13 1:59 P

as a mom of 3 very busy munchkins, and childcare provider for 3 more, i never leave the house without a fully stocked 'emergency bag'. mine has lots of healthy snacks for the kids and myself, always a giant water bottle, and gum and tic tacs (a fave of my kiddos!) as well as the usual mom stuff (bandaids, changes of clothes, wipes, hand sanitizer, etc)

DKEWACHA SparkPoints: (664)
Fitness Minutes: (115)
Posts: 11
3/4/13 11:39 A

Just packed my emergency kit for the car. Put in 100 calorie snacks to stave off those darn fast food temptations!
I travel a lot (often through lunch time) and having something in the car under the seat in my handy tupperware container helps!
I have 100 cal fiber bars (very nice and very filling) , I have 100 cals of whole almonds(prepacked by myself - after paying $5 for 6 pkgs -lol), and 100 cal packs of raisins. emoticon

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