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NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,244
6/1/13 5:37 P

Swimming with my son

BOUTTIME24 SparkPoints: (14,810)
Fitness Minutes: (39,513)
Posts: 142
6/1/13 4:47 P

Hangin out with my Daughters! We've pulled all our blankets/comforters onto the living room floor and have been snuggled up watching tv and movies all day :) Love quality time with my Babies!

FORTY2014 SparkPoints: (2,182)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 95
6/1/13 2:43 P

Getting my husband paycheck.... Have not got paid in a Month 1/2

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,244
6/1/13 12:27 P

Almost everything but tasty healthy fresh foods top my list right now - just about an hour before LUNCH and I am getting hungry.

CASEYTALK Posts: 1,288
6/1/13 9:51 A

Help my son prepare for a dinner HE is hosting for his friends. He is 18 and going to culinary school in the fall.

(Insert Proud mama emoticon here.)

JOANNEO5 SparkPoints: (32,824)
Fitness Minutes: (18,970)
Posts: 524
6/1/13 9:36 A

I would like to get all my chores done on my chore list today.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,244
6/1/13 7:48 A

Nearly everything in my life - people, pets, playing, fun, my job, health, strength, stability, energy

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
6/1/13 5:21 A

Believing, achieving

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,244
5/31/13 11:10 P

my family, friends, students, health, lots of things

ANOSAKO Posts: 28
5/31/13 11:07 A

Healing right. Just had surgery so it's putting my life into perspective. At 30 and just getting my feet back on the ground, and not letting "situations" define how I look at everything. Right now I'm without a job but that's going to change soon so must relax, heal, and move forward no matter what happens.

CATLADYX8 SparkPoints: (100,276)
Fitness Minutes: (45,574)
Posts: 7,103
5/31/13 10:59 A

Trying to stay motivated for another day. Been really stresed out with eating being the end result. Weight is up and I feel myself giving up.

JOANNEO5 SparkPoints: (32,824)
Fitness Minutes: (18,970)
Posts: 524
5/31/13 9:39 A

Enjoying the weather! I hope I get a chance to get out after work before the rain moves in!

RELATIVEOBSCURA SparkPoints: (371)
Fitness Minutes: (320)
Posts: 71
5/31/13 8:51 A

Considering the effect my words and actions have on the world, and how I respond to situations.

JJSSPARK SparkPoints: (51,828)
Fitness Minutes: (59,606)
Posts: 1,666
5/31/13 8:45 A

my son having a good day (I wish that every day for him!).

5/31/13 7:39 A

listening to my nephew's excitement about having gotten into nursing school

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
5/31/13 4:19 A

Getting my exercise in!

FORTY2014 SparkPoints: (2,182)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 95
5/31/13 2:02 A

Having the good lord keeping his eyes on My Husband and sons make it though another day as well as my son's graduation... Proud mom that he graduated High School, Now on to our next journey.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,244
5/30/13 10:16 P

my family - my students - my cat

JOANNEO5 SparkPoints: (32,824)
Fitness Minutes: (18,970)
Posts: 524
5/30/13 7:59 A

Just trying to make it through the day and not be so stressed out

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
5/30/13 7:04 A

GeTying husband to appointment

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,244
5/29/13 9:50 P


SERAPHIM_DREAM SparkPoints: (29,770)
Fitness Minutes: (37,235)
Posts: 3,258
5/29/13 3:26 P

Creating joy with my family

5/29/13 3:24 P

My 2 boys and getting my youngest one set up in summer school!!

TORIAMAE Posts: 1,080
5/29/13 2:37 P

My garden! The plants are starting to grow and it puts such a smile on my face!

JOANNEO5 SparkPoints: (32,824)
Fitness Minutes: (18,970)
Posts: 524
5/29/13 11:50 A

Trying to get through this pile of work at the office and not let anything or anyone upset or distract me!

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
5/29/13 4:31 A

Connecting with family and friends

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,244
5/28/13 9:41 P

reducing stress, loving my family and students and friends

JOANNEO5 SparkPoints: (32,824)
Fitness Minutes: (18,970)
Posts: 524
5/28/13 12:50 P

Trying to control my stress level. Things are getting out of control between my husband and my sons! Hard to stay focused on losing my weight and I know it is an excuse but I feel like just eating because nobody cares how I feel!

THENEWROSE Posts: 1,410
5/28/13 10:47 A

Staying focused on the big picture.

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
5/28/13 7:55 A

Getting organized

FLIPCHICK14 Posts: 2,343
5/28/13 7:47 A

Relaxing... I have been so stressed over the past several months and it's affecting my health

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,244
5/15/13 8:13 P

my job

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
5/15/13 7:04 A

Patience and kindness

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,244
5/14/13 9:19 P

my students

THENEWROSE Posts: 1,410
5/14/13 10:12 A

Staying focused and productive.

CSWEET12 SparkPoints: (33,445)
Fitness Minutes: (11,656)
Posts: 581
5/14/13 10:06 A

I am trying to eat healthier and have a better attitude.

ALBROOKS03 SparkPoints: (3,692)
Fitness Minutes: (2,282)
Posts: 43
5/14/13 8:59 A

Having a positive attitude towards the ones that love me.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,244
5/13/13 10:10 P

my students

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/13/13 7:16 A

Spending time learning

Family relationships

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,244
5/11/13 6:49 P

my family

SCHOPPEK Posts: 1,222
5/11/13 2:44 P

Spending time with my family !

CJPAGS SparkPoints: (3,688)
Fitness Minutes: (582)
Posts: 24
5/11/13 1:29 P

My baby is 5 months old today :)

5/11/13 1:24 P

My weight's not important to me right now (I'd like to avoid gaining, but I'm not trying to lose.) Rather, my health-related goal is to get back into running. I've been out three times this week!

My non-health related goal is to get some laundry done, and have some fun with my friends tonight.

KIMJHOWARD1 SparkPoints: (59,496)
Fitness Minutes: (44,394)
Posts: 2,260
5/11/13 9:50 A

My weight isn't even on the radar today. I'm taking my son to the movies and to eat lunch to celebrate his birthday a bit early. He will be 15 on Monday. I can't believe how fast he's grown!

CBLENS SparkPoints: (47,498)
Fitness Minutes: (16,557)
Posts: 1,220
5/11/13 5:55 A

seeing my son at lunch

GREENTEACUP SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,852)
Posts: 12
5/10/13 9:55 P

Taking good care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
5/10/13 4:12 P

Everything else I am busying doing for example more education for my job.. I have lived the lifestyle change many years so have moved on to other areas of my life..

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
Fitness Minutes: (15,545)
Posts: 9,713
5/9/13 8:35 P

I want to be strong and fit, no matter what the scale says. I don't care about the number on the scale (well, not too much, anyway) but I want to have lean, defined muscles, and be able to lift heavy things, and run long distances without getting winded.

I'm getting there. :)

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,373)
Fitness Minutes: (18,761)
Posts: 1,243
5/9/13 8:26 P

Relationships. With everyone I come in contact with; whether it be close with my boyfriend, or more distant with the customers I interact with at work. Just extending some love and life to each person :)

EDENFELL Posts: 212
5/9/13 12:34 A

For me it's to change what isn't working for me and to enjoy and cherish each moment of the day.

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