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Yes, this poster has been reminded she's showing signs of an eating disorder any number of times.

To the OP -- Bodybuilders and fitness models intentionally work out hard prior to competitions or photo shoots because the flow of water into their muscles is such that their muscles look and measure bigger afterward. The same thing happens to the rest of us schlubs who go from being very sedentary (or simply not really using a muscle group) to getting regular exercise. The stressed muscles pick up water and increase dimensions vs where they were previously. This has little to nothing to do with your real weight, though in some people the water shift can cause a scale increase of a pound or two.

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What you're experiencing is not unusual. When a person exercises intensely, that cause their muscle fibers to soak up water like a sponge. This is what your muscles are supposed to do. They will always swell (increase in size) because of that water retention too. This really is normal. your muscles will release any excess water they don't need once your body has adapted to the new routine.

Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Ever notice that pants that are normally comfortable feel tight whenever you have your period ? Well, this is no different. Retaining water because of a chance in your exercise routine causes a similar type of bloating and swelling. You just need to give your body time to adapt and the inches will go back to normal.

Also, keep in mind that doing more exercise will not speed up your weight loss. because you're already at a healthy weight for your height, trying to lose those last 5 or so will be slow going.

Have you ever had your body fat percentage tested ? Not with a scale or a handheld monitor. have you ever had a caliper test done ? If not, I'm gong to encourage you to have a personal trainer do a 9 point caliper test for you. Find out what your current body fat percentage is because you may be at a very healthy body fat for your weight.

Remember, women are supposed to carry some body fat. We are supposed to jiggle. We are not men. Men can be super sculpted, not women. Women will almost always have a curvy figure. Very few women look like the super slim models you see in the magazines. women do carry fat and that too is perfectly normal.

Also, keep in mind that you don't get to decide where the fat comes off. Genetics makes that decision. so, you may want to get rid of the jiggle on your legs, but you may end up losing off your boobs. that's what happens to a lot of women.

try not to fixate on one body part. instead concentrate on living a healthier lifestyle, not a perfect one.

5/1/14 7:15 P

First am quite concerned about ur cal intake,, the 1250 IS for someone who does NO exercise, if you wish to lose and lose CORRECTLY make sure ur food tracker and exer trackers are on the same line at the bottom of ur page, ,, ,, if they are NOT,, than go to "Edit my page" and click on the options to do so,,, that is make them public and as one. Itll read,, nutritional and exercise tracker . Than UP the cals accordingly or else you ARE starving ur body. I WAS and had STOPPED losing,, now I eat 400 cals more a day,, and am losing again.

On the legs,,, if you are at 110 lbs????? And is this the first ur exer??? If so,, u want to lose 4 lbs????? And have flabby legs??? I am not really getting this,, for I was 115 lbs at 5.4.5 and I looked GREAT !!!

but when we first start off exer,, it's normal for our bodies to "grow" for it's the muscles which are doing so,,,,,,, and nothing more than that.

This is sooo confusing, for usually those of us on this site are not flabby at 110 lbs,,,,,,, though I can see the "want" to lose, but it makes me wonder if ur suffering from an ED?

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So I have been going to gym for 2 weeks so far doig weights not much anymore and treadmill stationary bike and elliptical and I measure Last night and my thighs grew an inch omg idk do they swell and get bigger for awhile when first exercising and like my clothes feel tighter but my prob is I don't drink much water at all maybe I'm retaining water or maybe swell? maybe since im gaining some muscle the jigglier fat type is just more visible during process. How long till it goes away im 110 lbs my goal is to be fit and toned 106 lbs im 5'1.5" And just cleaned up my diet now im eating around 1200 calories

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