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3/20/13 12:49 P

A lot of people advocate eating more heavily in the morning/afternoon and eating a smaller dinner. I would recommend steel-cut oatmeal with nuts/berries, a protein powder smoothie with berries/fruit or a egg white/tofu scramble and a piece of whole grain toast with fruit.

A balanced meal usually has a combination of healthy fats, complex carbohydrate and protein to keep you satisfied throughout your morning.

Maybe change your nutrition planner settings to let sparkpeople generate some menus for you, just to get some new ideas. There have also been a few sparkpeople articles in the past few months about healthy breakfasts.

Eat up!

3/20/13 11:19 A

I eat 20-25g of protein, 10-15g of fiber, and about 575 calories for breakfast. I exercise in the morning before work, so eating this large, hearty meal after working out keeps me going all day. Then, I eat again every 2-4 hours, but they are smaller meals of 100-300 calories and enough protein/fiber combo to keep me feeling satisfied all day. I eat a very balanced dinner so I can have a couple hundred calories of 'indulgence' food as dessert everyday. I eat between 1650-1950 calories total. Breakfast is by far, the most food by volume...and volume is what fills me up & keeps me really full. A little egg with veggies in it may be protein & fiber, but it's not volume. Breakfast IS the most important meal of my day and if I do it wrong, the rest of my day will derail.

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3/20/13 11:01 A

Try a slice of thinly cut toasted Rye Bread with whatever you want for breakfast as it digests slowly and helps keep you full. How about The Rye and a dab of peanut butter with low sugar Smuckers jelly

Oatmeal with berries....good fiber

2 egg omelete with veggies, beans or protein (No ham, sausage, or bacon)

Scrambled eggs with left over brown rice, veggies or beans or use "all Whites" egg whites

2 Van's 97% Fat Free Waffles or gluten free waffles with 2 soft boiled eggs ontop to moisten, no syrup, no butter...or maybe just a drizzle of honey

1 Packet of buttered grits with 1 soft boiled egg mixed in and Flaxseeds

1 Apple sliced with a smidgen of peanut butter on each slice

1/2 avocado with crabmeat

Fresh Peach or nectarine slices to sweeten a cup of 0% Plain Greek Fage yogurt

Adding spinach and tomatoes with a little feta and turkey bacon to scrambled egg whites topped it with hot salsa or hot sauce which helps burn calories and keeps me full.

How about 1/2 cup of cottage cheese topped with a handful of matchstick carrots, flaxseeds and a slice of rye toast thinly cut with some Benocal spread.

Kaski 7 whole grain Puffs with skim milk and berries.

Maybe try a breakfast taco or two...stuff the tacos with refried beans and lettuce, top with matchstick carrots, a dab of sour cream...taht should keep you full all morning....even try scrambled egg tacos, tuna tacos, salmon, etc....

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WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
3/20/13 10:44 A

You may want to try adding a complex carb like oatmeal, or a slice of whole wheat toast. It is not a lot of calories, but would add some carbs and fiber to your breakfast. Your breakfast is very protein heavy, and while that keeps some people full, others need to have more starchy or carby things.

If you are avoiding wheat or something like that, try making an egg-something (like mini frittattas) that includes some vegetables, red bells or zucchini.

Good luck!

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3/20/13 9:38 A

Wondering if anyone has some easy but good healthy balanced breakfast ideas

I have taken a notice to the fact that I usually end up under eating at breakfast and then end up so hungry by mid day that I make bad choices. I usually two hard boil eggs with large banana and a table of peanut butter....but realizing for my activity I really need to get some more calories in to break this plateaue .....

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