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2/28/14 4:45 P

What I've learned now (after years and years of dieting) that healthy eating is basically eating things in moderation. As far as excercise goes, I was a little confused on that too. I use to do at least 1 hour a day if I could and if I didn't myself mentally said, "it wasn't a workout". Well, now, I do 30 minutes of interval training and I sweat like crazy!

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2/28/14 10:34 A

Wow thank you everyone!! This was helpful now I just need to do some soul searching to figure out what fits me. Thank you everyone again!

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
2/28/14 10:31 A

As you stated, there are multiple plans for every aspect of better health.

I am not going to tell you any plans, because that would just be me telling you how to eat, exercise etc.

Yes, you need to find out what works for YOU. If I then tell you to eat everything in moderation, I would not be letting you find out a plan that works.

You need to burn calories, so you probably want to start exercise. This can be gardening, playing sports, cardio at a gym, or weight training. Just move more often. It isn't a requirement to exercise, but if you decide to, find something you like.

The same with diet. Eat a diet which incorporates foods that you can live with. If you don't like eating meat or high fat, or lots of veggies, don't do low carb. You need to find a plan that works for you, so start with a plan that sounds good, and stick to it for a couple months, and find out if it works.

You are correct that it is complicated, but the only thing anyone here can tell you is what works for THEM, which is worthless to YOU.

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2/27/14 11:39 A

I agree that you need to see what works for you. You can get a low fat or low carb diet book and menus and follow them. But if you don't like the foods you are eating, you aren't going to stick with it. Same thing with exercise. If you don't like the exercise, you aren't going to want to keep doing it.

A good place to start is by logging your foods and seeing what you are eating. I was surprised when I started, I had no idea how many calories I was really eating. Then seeing what changes you can make.

Same with exercise. Is there something you like doing? If not, you may need to play around and try some different things.

But remember, even small changes can make a big difference.

MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 588
2/27/14 10:17 A

I wouldn't base my goals on a show like the Biggest Loser. While the weight loss stories are inspiring and motivating, those contestants are literally training ALL day and their diets are being closely monitored. In the real world, the majority of people don't have time to work out 8 hours a day and have food provided and prepared for them.

You should do what works for YOU. It may take some experimenting and some bumps in the road, but don't get discouraged. It's a journey and you are a work in progress. A good place to start is moderation. If you know you're eating a lot of junk food, cut down on it a little at a time. Replace a cookie with an apple. If you're not willing to give up eating out a lot, replace that side of fries with a side salad. Cut down your portions a little bit. Often, when people try to make extreme changes all at once, it's too much and they fall back into old habits. If you're the type of person that has lots of will power you may be able to do a very restrictive diet, but that's not for everyone.

Same thing with exercise. If you're not doing anything now, ease yourself into it. Walking is a great place to start. If you belong to a gym, have a staff member show you how to do some simple weight training exercises. You can build up your cardio and strength training from there. If you try to do too much at once, not only could it be too much to keep up with, but you might injure yourself.

SP is a great tool. Set your nutrition and fitness goals and track everything! Only weigh yourself once a week (that part is extremely hard for me, I'm addicted to the scale). When you see the results from the week you can look back at your trackers and see what you can tweak if you need to.

Also, have you talked to your physician? He/she may be able to tell you some more specific needs based on your physiology.

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2/27/14 10:02 A

I am so above and beyond confused about what to eat. There is so much research out there about what to eat,how much, and how often. There's low carb, there low calorie low fat, juicing, and so many more. I really need help please.

Plus some of them tell you exercise hard some say light to none. I see shows like biggest loser and extreme makeover weightloss addition and that's just confusing too. Ugh! Please help!

What about water? how much?

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