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4/12/13 11:21 A

As Unient says.. HIIT (30 seconds bursts) is a lot harder than most give it credit for. As part of a complete programme I only do HIIt once a week - it is hard to maintain mental focus for more than this - it almost training to failure which is a big no no as an ongoing process.

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4/12/13 5:55 A

If you're new to HIIT then it's best to start with just one session a week. It's really quite hard on you!

Yes, your proposed technique IS real HIIT provided the 6mph is quite comfortable and an easy pace for you. Quite refreshing actually - often people use the term for 5 minutes at a faster pace and 10 minutes recovery and repeat - yeah, that's not.

Why the mention of Tabata in the title and not the body? Why the allusion to them being two different things? Tabata Protocol simply is a form of HIIT involving a 4 minute repeat of 10s on, 20s off.

Either way will knock you out. :)

4/11/13 8:57 P

Follow what your body says. No one knows your body better than you (if you get in tune with it). If you like doing HIIT, do intervals at your own pace. Once you start losing speed/power, rest. When you feel like you can put out a lot of power again, whether its a minute or ten minutes later, go at it again!

Good luck!

4/11/13 8:49 P

Here is a URL in HIIT you may find interesting. As an aside there is little relationship between treadmill running and free running outside.

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4/11/13 5:50 P

I have switched from all long distance running to H.I.I.T and I love it but looking for some guidance on a couple of things. I always get conflicting info on Internet.

1) Is running (outside) at a pace that is comparable to 6mph on the treadmill for 10 minutes and then sprinting for 30 seconds (10-12mph), running 6mph for 90 seconds and doing that 6-8x, considered HIIT?

2) Next is how much is too much... How often can I do H.I.I.T? Below is my schedule: Which is done out side.

Monday - off
Tuesday - Warmup run 10 min (approximately 6mph jog); Sprint for 30 seconds (10-12mph), followed by 90 second jog (6mph)... do this 6-8x.
Wednesday- 5-6 mile run at a steady pace
Thursday - Same as Tuesday
Friday- 5-6 mile run
Saturday - Same as Tuesday and Thursday
Sunday - off

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