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8/9/13 7:25 P

Perfect! Thanks! So, had I not been overeating, I probably really could have been losing so much more weight! LOL! *sigh* Oh, well. My range is 111-148, according to the formula (thank you!), and like I said, 125 or less, I can still fairly easily carry on a convo.

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8/9/13 7:20 P

Your target heart rate is going to vary with age.

Also, as you continue to work out regularly, you will likely find that working out at the upper ends of the cardio range becomes more tolerable.

Spark's Reference Guide to Exercise Intensity has more details


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8/9/13 7:17 P

Maximum heart rate is calculated roughly by 220-age and your THR is dependent on your goals but the talk test is much simpler. You should be working at a level where it's slightly difficult to carry on a conversation.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
8/9/13 6:06 P

My recumbent stationary bike is awesome. It tells you distance, bpm, and time as you pedal. Today as I was pedaling, it was getting hard to breathe. I started to slow down a little bit, because of it. When the thing...tracker? I guess? cycled through on the bike, my bpm was 161!!! I generally try to keep it between 130-145, just because I can still kind of carry on a convo if it's 125 or less.

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