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4/9/13 2:24 P

Popcorn! I usually have some mid-morning a couple of times per week. It's easy to make at home and bring to work if you don't have the facilities to make it at work. Very filling and it takes a while to eat as well (I'm all about volume eating so servings of some things like granola or some protein bars are too small for me to feel like I really ate anything). Plus, popcorn is a whole grain!

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4/9/13 2:07 P

a small banana

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4/9/13 11:53 A

How about:

A big romaine leaf wrapped around tuna salad, egg salad, or just ham


Dried prunes and a string cheese -be careful on the prunes -just two or three adds up to 70 calories

4/9/13 11:36 A

I'd suggest having a whole grain but add some protein. I just had a 1/2 cup of egg whites and 1/4 cup oats that I microwaved a couple minutes until cooked and then sprinkled with Mrs. Dash for flavor. I've also topped it w/ peanut butter, nutella, or a bit of cream cheese (depending what I'm in the mood for). It holds me over the 3 hours until lunch. Protein AND carb are the trick to filling up.

4/9/13 11:34 A

Ice water with lemon. Green tea with lemon.

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4/9/13 11:19 A

a baked sweet potato is also a favorite snack for me. I can eat them plain.

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4/9/13 10:38 A

Hard boiled eggs are really filling, or also any type of lean meats - ham, turkey, etc.

Protein shakes are good after breakfast and pretty filling. Morning Star has sausage breakfast patties that are really tasty and very filling.

I just discovered a new recipe: Chickpea and feta salad. SUPER filling and soooo tasty. go to and type in Chickpea and Feta salad.

I would browse the boards/articles for filling snacks to get more ideas :)

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4/9/13 10:24 A

cheese, Canadian bacon, hummus w/veggies, Greek yogurt

If you combine fruit with some protein, it's a filling snack. I like a small apple with some peanut butter, but you could do an apple and some cheese.

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4/9/13 10:02 A

You want something with protein. Making your own protein bars is a great way to control portions; but I would honestly suggest something protein-heavy like meat, eggs, even dairy. Cheese is my favorite go-to between-meals snack, personally. ;)

A slice of whole-grain toast with peanut butter is super filling and packed with energy-boosting protein.

Here's some great protein-packed, portable snack tips:

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4/9/13 9:25 A

Love grapes

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KKKAREN Posts: 12,223
4/9/13 9:02 A

I like fresh fruit.

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4/8/13 11:01 P

Water. My breakfast is protein packed and keeps me full. What are you having for breakfast?

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4/8/13 6:42 P

Hard boiled eggs! I usually have one or two with a little hot sauce for a snack around this time.

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4/8/13 6:39 P

Be careful with granola! It can easily add up to 300 calories per serving so measure measure measure! Chilled grapes and pepperidge farm goldfish (count them out first of course) are a great snack. Small pretzel sticks with string cheese (if you eat dairy) are nice. Warm tea with graham crackers ( I think a serving is two full sheets) could be yummy!

KARA623 Posts: 727
4/8/13 4:45 P

I usually have natural oatmeal with natural peanut butter; if you can't have the nut butter, you can have it plain or add some raw honey or fruit to it. Also, Greek yogurt with oats and honey or a little granola.

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4/8/13 4:45 P

ok thanks! i didn't think of berries and granola!

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4/8/13 4:43 P

Berries (Healthy Carbs) with a healthy yogurt.. perhaps banana? Granola. All these are filling.

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4/8/13 4:39 P

I usually have greek yogurt and a citrus fruit between breakfast and lunch. You can also try a ready made or homemade protein shake.


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4/8/13 4:15 P


I was wondering if there are any suggestions for a filling in between snack, say around 11am/12pm, to stop my stomach from growling before lunch. I usually eat breakfast around 9am and lunch around 2:30pm. This just fits in with my work schedule.

To make your suggestions more complex, here's some things I cannot eat or some that are not filling.
- Most nuts are like a donkey kick to my stomach, especially almonds.
- Veggies & fruits such as carrots and apples don't really fill me up and I'm still left craving or sometimes just looking at them before eating lunch turns me off. (I'm fine eating it after lunch)

And to make matters worse, I stay very full with carbs, of course. Muffins/Croissants/Etc but it adds like 700 calories onto my tracker!!

What is a healthy alternative i can stick with and not turn away from that won't make me sick?

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