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7/2/09 10:35 P

I use protein shakes as meal replacements frequently, just take milk, protein powder, frozen fruit, and maybe a spoon of peanut butter and blend.

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7/2/09 7:00 P

Whey protein is the best type of protein as it is slower to digest, if your diet plan is saying to have a protein shake and you want to substitute it, you can have a portion of good natural protein e.g. chicken. Protein in any form as long as it is pure, will help keep hunger at bay.. so by having a small amount of protein with every snack or meal helps you feel satisfied longer.

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STARLINA Posts: 1,105
7/2/09 6:03 P

Protein shakes are a great way to deliver protein to your muscles after your workout to begin repairing your muscles immediately. While some do contain more carbs and sugar than is necessary, there are many that don't. I wouldn't recommend substituting it for a meal, unless you are adding fruit and healthy fats in it to make a smoothie which will give it more filling power. Protein supplements can be included in the diet and you will still lose weight, as long as you are consuming less calories than you burn.

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7/2/09 3:57 P

I use the EAS AdvantEdge Protein shakes. For breakfast, I blend up the shake with ice and a banana. YUM!

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7/2/09 3:00 P

A protein shake is made from powder form usually, though you can make your own at home, I'd think...never tried though.

Usually you can get the powder from GNC or even some basic stores like Costoco, WalMart, Target, etc. My only caution is to read the labels!!! Not all protein powders are created equal. Some have TONS of sugar in them and others have lots of carbs.

As for it being a meal replacement, I wouldn't say it is a whole meal. It can be a snack or perhaps part of a meal. They usually run between 100-200 calories, depending on what you mix it with (water, milk 2%, 1%, fat free, etc).

Healthy foods will assist you in weight loss. Protein shakes are a way for people to get the amount of protein they need without having to eat a lot of meat, beans, nuts, eggs, etc. So if you aren't getting enough protein through the foods you're eating now, then you can add in a protein shake.

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7/2/09 11:46 A

What is a protein shake and can you substitute it for a regular meal. Can you make your own or is it that powder stuff? Most importantly will it assist in weight loss?

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