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4/13/12 7:11 A

Did you read the first link I posted? That explains how the calorie range is determined.

Adjust the calories you plan to burn through working out by clicking "Change" under the Calories Burned ticker on your Start page. At the bottom of the page you can put in the total you plan to burn for the week or you can just say how many times a week you plan to workout and for how long and it will estimate for you.

Also, how are you determining how many calories you are burning on the elliptical? One tip I learned after starting SP was to not use the numbers actually on the machine. The numbers you are giving do seem reasonable! Just wanted to check.

Good luck and happy Sparking!!

4/12/12 9:57 P

My question is what is the range of calories i should be eating daily to achieve weightloss? Right now im set to 1200-1550 calories per day but make only 1200-1300 daily by eating healthy well balanced meals. Im 5'3" and weigh 160.4 lbs, 30 years old and exercise for 30-45 minutes 5 times a week on the elliptical machine which helps me burn around 260 to 300 calories. Am i eating enough calories to keep up with this? I havea history of undereating, i used to average around 800 per day simply because i would forget to eat, and now i feel like im forcing myself to have lunch and dinner.

4/12/12 9:00 P

This SP calories burned calculator will help:

4/12/12 8:52 P

I know i can change it there, but how do i know how many calories i should be eating to achieve a healthy weight loss?

4/12/12 8:43 P

Click above on MY TRACKERS, START
Scroll down the page and on the left side you will see the section where you can update your goals. There is a section on "calories burned" goal. This is where you can enter the calories you are burning through your planned exercise.

Does this help??
SP Dietitian Becky

4/12/12 8:00 P

Thanks, and yes question answered. Now another quesstion how do i modify the information i put during setup of my account? Im no longer sedentary and want to make sure im etting the proper amount of calories to support my active body!

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4/12/12 7:30 P

It is just the difference in how many calories you burned and how many you ate during the day. You want it to be a negative number so that you are eating less than you are burning. That is what will lead to weight loss.

These links might help - the first explains how the calories ranges are calculated and the second is the link to the reports. Is that where you found what your differential was?

Does that answer your question?

4/12/12 7:23 P

What is a calorie differential? What does it mean when my calorie differential is MINUS 948?

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