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8/18/11 12:05 A

I recommend buying one small container of greek yogurt first to try it. I made the mistake of buying a quart of it and I find it to be totally inedible.

ANDIGATOR Posts: 127
8/17/11 9:42 A

Greek yogurt has been a recent find for me, too. I now use plain greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream. Greek yogurt alone with a baked potato is enough (and I used to insist on tons of butter/sour cream to enjoy one before). It is truly delicious. And of course when fruit is mixed in (and/or granola) it's a fantastic breakfast or dessert.

EGZZZZ Posts: 120
8/16/11 10:53 P

Greek yogurt is so delicious, I eat it almost every day for breakfast. My personal favorites are by Chobani. They cost about $1. Breakfast for $1!!! Amazing. They have at least 13 grams of protein, which is very high and excellent. It's also very filling. They're so tasty I sometimes eat them for dessert and I've heard of people freezing them and eating them like ice cream. I highly recommend them.

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
8/16/11 9:00 P

Greek yogurt is just higher in protein than common american style yogurt and I think it has a better texture...It's not a miracle cure for anything.

For budget friendly get a big tub of Dannon greek plain yogurt and a big bag of frozen mixed berries and frozen fruit. It won't cost much and will help satisfy a sweet tooth. Plain greek yogurt is not very good by itself but does mix well with many herbs, blue cheese, honey, etc and can substitute for mayo and sour cream in most recipes.

8/16/11 8:31 P

Plain Greek yogurt can make lots of bland dishes a little creamier. I have been using it in fruit salad (sometimes with a little splenda & vanilla extract).

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8/16/11 8:11 P

Adding yogurt to my cole slaw and potato salad helps me cut out a lot of fat from using mayo.

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8/16/11 7:52 P

If you live in Canada, the best bet is President's Choice (from Loblaw's or Superstore), which comes in plain and honey flavour. It's about $3.99 for 500 grams. Safeway (in Canada) has also very recently started carrying Liberte Greek yogurt in plain and vanilla, but it's more expensive at $5.39 for 500 grams. The Liberte plain yogurt is available at Costco here for $7.99 for two 500-gram packages. I recommend eating the fat-free variety, which is what I've mentioned here... I'm not going to bother typing about the kinds that are 18-20% fat!

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8/16/11 7:45 P

Yogurt with live active bacterial cultures is a healthy food with protein, calcium, etc. It can be regular yogurt or Greek style. But it is no substitution for vital medication. Do you have a doctor or nurse to call about all this and to clarify the situation???
Dietitian Becky

CRISPY20 Posts: 342
8/16/11 7:16 P

Greek yogurt has less water & more protein than regular yogurt. It is a good source of lowfat or nonfat protein, depending on what kind you get, and it's not that expensive. I think that's what they were getting at. Because it has more protein, it can help you feel fuller longer. It's getting easier and easier to find. My local supermarket just started carrying a store brand of it.

SBEEGHLY Posts: 469
8/16/11 6:41 P

greek yogurt is a thicker style yogurt than most US folks eat activa makes a french and a greek version. Greeks are known for being back to nature and a little frugal so that may be the joke they where trying to make.
If you can't afford your medicine I hope you will make all efforts to contact the companies that make the meds you need for case studies or discount programs.
i went to get my husband a special topical at Walmart and even with express RX coverage from TN care for low income people - they wanted 452.27 yes the decimal is in the right place.
I was livid.. no way can we afford that much less figure out why a tube of cream(no matter how much steriods or how good it is ) needs to cost over 450.00 dollars. no wonder people have to make choices between groceries or medicine. we didn't get it and he is gonna ask why the health dept would prescribe such an expensive medicine. oh.. it would be over 570.00 if you had no kind of insurance.. how can a company do that to the system.. price gouging if ya ask me.
good luck with your meds..

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8/16/11 6:23 P

I just got out of the hospital with the ultimatum of "life change" or die. One of the tips they gave me since I am poor and was not sure how much of the medicines I could afford was to eat "greek yogurt". I do not understand why they would say this.

I see a lot of Sparkers eat this for breakfast, what is it exactly. Is it hard to find ? I love this whole "noob" feeling, learning all this stuff I missed the first time around it seems.

- Xavier

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