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11/24/09 1:05 P

it doubles so it is 1/2 cup. emoticon

XINIXINIX Posts: 1,920
11/24/09 12:09 P

Is it the same for brown rice -vs- white rice?

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TINYGIRL22 Posts: 88
11/23/09 7:49 P

good cause I ended up eating 1/2 cup of rice. I think I did good on the fish.. I googled it and it said a check book.. now I'm remembering that when I did weight watchers.. I remember a check book being mentioned hehe.. I also feel satisfied and have some calories left I'm not gonna worry now :)

TINYGIRL22 Posts: 88
11/23/09 7:48 P

i used to have a food scale..but it wasn't digital and I just did NOT get it hhehe I don't know..

11/23/09 7:12 P

1/4 cup dry rice when cooked will end up being about double, so about 1/2 cup. Not super sure about the 4oz of fish. I know that 3oz of chicken is a little bigger than a deck of cards. Or about 1/2 the size of my hand. Not including fingers, and I have really tiny hands. Hope that helped, enjoy your dinner!

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BRIT83 Posts: 687
11/23/09 7:11 P

Depends on the type of rice. Your best bet is to measure your serving after it's cooked in a measuring cup.

Also, I would recommend a food scale. It's helped me understand how much I'm actually eating and now I use it for every meal I cook. You can get them starting around $10 and they go up from there. One with ounces and grams would be your best bet.

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TINYGIRL22 Posts: 88
11/23/09 7:08 P

k well if anyone knows the answer that would be GREAT :) even if I've already made it and eaten it :)

TINYGIRL22 Posts: 88
11/23/09 6:52 P

I am about to cook some rice and need to know what 1/4 cup DRY rice equals when it is cooked? is it 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup or 1 cup? or whatever..what is it? help! i'm bout to put it on the stove :) thanks!

also what does 4 oz of fish look like? is it correct that it looks like a check book?

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