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7/26/13 1:51 A

It's good to step back from our lives and evaluate the big picture every now and then. It stops us slipping into habits that could be harmful in the long term emoticon .

7/26/13 12:33 A

I just want to say that is a really great question.

"What in the world am I doing?"

I think we should all ask ourselves that question frequently. emoticon

I think the answer might be scary somedays though.

GYPSYROVER Posts: 3,240
7/26/13 12:02 A

emoticon I think you are pretty normal! I agree with the previous poster - a nice walk, and some time to reflect will help you figure out what's behind the funk! Perhaps the Lord is trying to slow you down to catch your attention about something? Be at peace, regardless! This too shall pass! My favorite scripture is "Be still and know that I am God". emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon

DLW0828 Posts: 1,025
7/24/13 7:57 P

I've had days (weeks, months) of feeling like this. I think you've taken the first step by recognizing it and wanting to snap out of it. Just being here on SP, looking for inspiration, is a sign that you're on the right track.

Try taking a walk outside, not for a workout, but just a leisurely stroll, taking in your surroundings, and tune in to what you're really feeling. Are you feeling helpless to fight the weight? Frustrated? Is something else going on in your life adding to these feelings? Once you recognize what's really going on, think of some small steps to take to turn them around, or some small goals you want to reach. Then, do them!

Hope this helps. Just remember - you are not alone.

FLGIRL0830 Posts: 8
7/24/13 7:18 P

I have no idea what's going on with me. I have been in such a funk this entire week. It's really upsetting when I don't even take the time to enjoy all of the blessings God has provided me with because of weight issues. I need to get it together...

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